How To Build A Castle Bed? 7 Easy Ways For Kids!

Does your little one dream to have a royal-like trip to dreamland.

Also, pondered, “how to build a castle bed?”

how to build a castle bed

We all know that we couldn’t say no to the children if they ask something they badly want.

Particularly a castle bed, because it makes them feel the princess’s aura just like they see in storybooks and movies.

Most children are in love with fairytales and fantasies to the point that they want to bring the reverie into their sleep.

So, read on as we show you the techniques for building a castle bed for your kids.


Ways To Build A Castle Bed

Many factors influence the child’s sleep, and one of them is their bedroom environment.

Moreover, kids sleep better when they feel cozy on their beds.

And wake up feeling refreshed because of the pleasant sleep.

With this, if your child asks for a castle-like bed.

Do your best to invest in it to provide them the best trip to their dreamland.

Here are the seven best techniques you can take on how to build a castle bed!


Technique #1. Collecting the materials

For the castle bed, some of the materials you need are.

The several sheets of 1/2” plywood, nails, glue, pencil, screws, paint, LED lights, jigsaw, sandpaper, circular saw, measuring tape, and ruler.


Technique #2. Designing the apertures

Using a pencil, draw the windows, doors, and other designs that you would like to add up on the plywood for a castle-like appearance.

Next, cut out the windows and doors, which will serve as the bed’s openings, using a jigsaw.


Technique #3. Bed panels

Measure the bed dimensions you would like.

And correspond the plywood you prepared with the desired bed measurements.

Take two panels and measure them depending on how wide and tall you want for the castle bed.

Then, stack up two pieces of plywood on top of each other and fasten them together.

Cut another panel that corresponds to the height and width of the first two panels.

Prepare four 1” by 6” wood strips and glue and nail them to the outer sides of the side panel.

Adding a back panel to the bed is optional, but if you want to add it.

Cut it according to your desired dimensions and add arches for a more decorative look.

Afterward, connect all the panels using 1 and 1/4” screws.


Technique #4. Bed rails

Cut out 1 and 1/4” wood strips for the bed rails and nails and glue them together.

Forming an L shape, with its dimensions based on the desired bed length and width.

The height of the bed rail will depend on the thickness of the mattress, so make sure that it fits accurately.

Then, install these rails on all sides of the bed using 3/4” screws.


Technique #5. Pillars and moldings

To complete the castle look of the bed, add side towers and moldings as decorations.

For the pillars, use 1/2” of plywood and form a square-shaped tower.

Its height is a bit higher than the bed you have started.

Create a crown for the side tower, place it above the pillar, and use nails and glue to attach it to the post.

Make another pillar with a top crown and attach it to the bed, together with the first one that you created, using a nail and glue.

Design the moldings on a sheet of 1/2” plywood and cut it out using a jigsaw.

Attach these moldings using a nail and glue on the outer part of the bed rail, side towers.

Or anywhere you would like to display a more ornamental castle for your child.


Technique #6. Building the stairs

Cut out two pieces of 9” by 6” wood strips, with the ends mitered at around fifty degrees.

And glue 1” by 8 1/2” wood strips onto it, which are parallel with each strip.

Allot a 9” spacing between the parallel strips, then cut 9” by 15 1/2” for the step treads.

Then, nail and glue them on top of the strips.

Next, cut boards that fit under the steps, which are screwed to the castle using wood screws.

Then, use them as risers for the stairs.

Create railings for the stairs to prevent your child from any unwanted accident whenever they went up to sleep on their bed.

Correspond these railings to your preferred dimensions.

Align them parallel to the stairs with a downward slope.

Secure the stairs by attaching them to the castle bed firmly using nails and glue.


Technique #7. Decorating the castle bed

Use sandpaper to smoothen all of the rough edges of the castle bed.

Next, choose a paint that suits your kid’s preferences and apply it all over the castle bed.

You may also add another range of colors to make a colorful but pleasant look to your child’s bed.

Subsequently, if you would like your child’s castle bed to be majestically aesthetic.

You may use LED lights with a lower voltage to assure their safety.

You may attach it to the moldings, stairs’ railing, or inside the castle.

Lastly, you may add some artworks of your child’s favorite characters to place on the castle bed, such as murals or posters.


Final Touches

Kids love to imagine themselves being the princes or princesses of a castle.

And frequently want to experience this kind of feeling when they go to sleep.

Also, learning how to build a castle bed will help children love their room more than ever.

Execute some final touches on their bed to bring them.

The magical experience of a prince or princess from the fairytale to reality.

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