How To Build Bunk Bed Stairs? 10 Easy Steps!

How to build bunk bed stairs?

Bunk beds are excellent for your children who wanted to have their individual spaces.

It is considered cost-efficient compared to buying separate beds and has several types.

There are safety concerns regarding the use of bunk beds, so it is better to consider your children’s age before buying.

Some bunk beds are customized so they come with stairs.

Others are sold without staircases, which means buyers have to sort their way to the bunk’s top.

The best solution is to create a simple and ladder-like staircase that can be easily crafted and assembled at home.


Things To Prepare For DIY Bunk Bed Stairs

Some bunk beds are customized, so they come with stairs.

  • Dimensional lumbers
  • Wood screws
  • Power or hand saw
  • Power drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood filler and paint (optional)


Steps To Build Bed Bunk Stairs

So, how to build bunk bed stairs?

Here are the steps that you should follow:


Step #1. Prepare your lumbers

Prepare two pieces of 8 feet 2×4 dimensional lumber for the side rails.

When buying, choose lumbers that are not bowed and check for any cracks.

Confirm if the lumbers are properly labeled by checking the ends or comparing the two pieces.

For the stair treads, prepare two pieces of 1×3 dimensional lumbers with the same length as the rails.

Prepare also for spare wood by buying extra pieces in case you will need more.


Step #2. Cut the wood

With the use of power or hand saw, cut the wood.

Using a handsaw might be strenuous, so if you know someone with a table or circular saw, it would be better to ask for their help.

Ensure that safety precautions are properly taken while cutting.

Consider the following reminders below in doing your work:

Tie well any loose clothing or hair and remove any jewelry.

Wear proper eye protection when using a  handsaw.

If power saws are used, wear ear protection while operating the saw.

Always keep your hands off the blade.

Ask for professional assistance from hardware shops if you are not confident with your cutting skills.


Step #3. Create an angle

If you prefer a more perpendicular ladder staircase, create a 15-degree floor angle.

In case you have more bedroom space, create a 30-degree angle for a more stair-like feature.

Mark this measurement at each one end of the 2×4 lumbers, then cut.


Step #4. Smoothen the saw cuts

Smoothen all the saw cuts with medium-grit sandpaper.

This will reduce your risk of cutting yourself while working and leaves refined edges for the ladder staircase.

Remember to wear eye protection and a dust mask.


Step #5. Make measurements for the stair treads

In typical bunk beds, ladder staircases are attached to the inner sides of the two vertical posts.

These posts either support the protective or guard rails on the top bunk or form part of the corner of the bed.

To get the measurement of the adjusted width, get the distance between the two posts, then subtract 3 inches.

The best width ranges between 16 and 18 inches.


Step #6. Cut the stair treads

Using the adjusted width that you got, mark this on the 1×3 lumbers you bought.

Cut for 8 stair treads, including the bottom one on the ground following the marks.

Depending upon the height of your bunk bed, prepare additional or reduce the number of treads you’ll need.

Remember to maintain a 10 to 12 inches distance in between each tread.


Step #7. Position the rails to the bunk set

For the bottom angled cut to lay flat on the floor, angle each side rail on the upper bunk.

Then position it in one of the vertical posts of the bunk bed set.

Upon placing it on the post, you chose to serve as support, trace its edge, then cut.

Do the same for the other rail.


Step #8. Cut then drill the rails

After making sure that the rails are equally marked, cut the rails.

Compare the two after cutting to check if both are properly cut.

Create drill holes on both rails.

Attach the side rails to the bed by drilling them into the support post using appropriate screws.


Step #9. Position and screw the tread to the rails

First, position the bottom tread to the rails.

Put markings on the side rails for the pilot holes.

The bottom rail should rest on the ground.

Drill the pilot holes, then screw the bottom tread to the rails.

Use a spirit level to make sure the tread is level.

Mark the spacing on both rails for the rest of the treads starting from the top.

Drill, then screw each tread in place by following the markings.


Step #10. Finishing

Apply wood filler to the screw heads, then sand the ladder staircase.

Wipe away the dust from sanding then you can start applying paint starting from a primer followed by two coats.


Wrapping It Up

How to build bunk bed stairs?

If your bunk bed doesn’t have a ladder, you have to create your way up.

After following the seven steps above, you can build your bunk bed stairs.

All the best!

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