How To Blow Dry Hair Without Blow Dryer? 9 Best Ways!

How to blow dry hair without blow dryer? There are a number of ways that you can try. It’s with conditioning to dry the hair, shake it off, begin with the roots, use some microfiber towel or the soiled t-shirt, use a microfiber hairbrush, finger combing the hair, and many more.

Attack your hair while it is wet, which means it is weak. Nonetheless, do not attack it using intense heat after going in the bathroom.

How to blow dry hair without blow dryer

Follow some tricks and tips, too, so you won’t reach a blow dryer ever again. By blowing dry your hair without a blow dryer, you’re on to keeping it healthy along the way. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Ways To Blow Dry Hair Without Blow Dryer

Here are the precise ways on how to blow dry hair without blow dryer:


#1. Shaking it off

Sing while under the shower and flip the hair over the head as you go and shake it as this makes an effective and gentle way of removing water with no straining on the fragile looks.


#2. Using microfiber towel

Drying the hair with a microfiber towel is the best method to consider. Never use a cotton towel as it leaves damaging effects on the strands. Plus, it only causes frizz and hair damage later on. Make use of a microfiber towel instead that is gentle than cotton. It will best absorb water and will result in minor damage. Pat the hair while you blot its sections until it does not drip wet.


#3. Conditioning the hair to dry

Deep condition your hair regularly. It will help the hair stand up to the towel drying and any styling tools you will be using. The conditioner silicone protects the hair cuticles and repels water. Your hair will be free from frizz and damage, and it dries a lot quicker. The shampoo is helpful for your scalp, while the conditioner works for your hair tips. Let the conditioner touch the scalp for that greasy hair. You may also want to read about how to deep condition hair.


#4. Using soiled t-shirt

This technique is helpful for you, especially if you’re a curly-haired beauty. So, do not toss the shirt in the laundry. A soiled t-shirt dries the hair with no friction giving you those frizz-free and tame curls. Apply curl styler or conditioner on those damp locks. Your hair dries off completely to that beautiful finish. Next, flip the hair over the head while you slip the latter to a neck hole. Knot the hair above while you leave a makeshift turban-like hairstyle for twenty minutes while you continue your skincare habit.


#5. Finger combing

Detangle the hair locks using your fingers. Shake the water off the hair. Start with the tips and remove those tangles. Free your strands carefully. Work on the way up as you avoid pulling and tugging your hair. But instead, force your hair to begin from your hair roots and downward. More tangles are there to encounter as you start with the roots. Next, work on your hair using some product that gives it a slippery and smooth texture as this helps detangle the tresses while it nourishes them.


#6. Applying for heat protection

Grab some heat-protection product with a heat-conducting polymer to reduce the drying time. There’s no need to use an iron or blow dryer to follow this up. Rough dry the braids as you run your fingers onto the hair. Shake it to achieve that blow-drying effect.


#7. Using mousse

Dry your hair a lot faster with alcohol in the mousse. It doesn’t keep the hair frizzing. Divide the locks and allocate four sections as you bun after. Perform this after you leave your hair dry. When your hair is dried thoroughly, get those buns removed. Continue your hands to the hair until finally, you achieve those loose waves. Better to do this at night, waking up with natural and curly hair. Never sleep while your hair is wet as the friction undoes the work already made.


#8. Using dry shampoo

Never blow your hair dry but keep it dry with dry shampoo. This kind of shampoo absorbs oil from the scalp while it eliminates odors. The hair follicles would produce natural oils, nourishing the hair. So, a daily routine of using shampoo does more harm instead of good. If you leave luxury shampoo onto your hair despite its collagen or biotin, your strands rob out of the natural oils that dehydrate and brittle them.


#9. Beginning with the roots

Towel-dry your hair and pat its roots to avoid drops as they fall to the tips of the hair. It’s the roots that you dry the last part of. Take them on first to help dry the lower sections fast. Remember as well that these roots demand attention as you dry them. This is due to the volume in the roots of the hair as they get less in contact with air.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to blow dry hair without blow dryer by using mousse, beginning with the roots, using dry shampoo, applying some heat protection, conditioning the hair to dry, shaking it off, and more. It’s up to you to try each one out to achieve better results. It’s good to feel you won’t use a blow dryer when blow drying your hair! Click on these links to read related articles; know what is the best blow dryer for black hair and how to straighten hair with blow dryer.

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