How To Clean Hair Brushes With Dryer Sheets? 3 Easy Steps To Know and Follow!

How to clean hair brushes with dryer sheets? It may sound wrong that you are using sheets for laundry stuff, but you are actually on the right track. Yes, you heard it right – dryer sheets are just one of the best ways to clean up hairbrushes quickly.

Like garments, hairbrushes work the same when a dryer sheet is used for the process, so let us continue to know more. These are convenient enough, especially if you have one at home.

Ready all the needed equipment or things, and you are then good to go. Though, there is one question that many people are confused about, why do we need to clean our hairbrushes. There are many reasons we should do it, and here are some.

When your head gets affected, it is sometimes the result of a dirty hairbrush.

With that, sometimes lice can be left on the brush leading to problems and infestation on your head. To further avoid that problem, you must know how to clean hair brushes with dryer sheets. This is an easy process; let us do it so you can understand it.


Cleaning Hair Brushes Using Dryer Sheets

How to clean hair brushes with dryer sheets? All the information you need to know about the topic today in this article has been explained above. So with that, we will now continue to the steps to have a basis for what you are working with. Here are the steps to accomplish:


Step #1. Preparing the bowl

When starting the process of cleaning your hairbrushes with some dryer sheets, you must first have a shallow thing like a bowl that you can put the brushes on to check on it from time to time easily. From there, fill half the bowl with water for measurement purposes and then warm it up afterward. 

For at least five to ten minutes, heat the water.

This will help remove all the dirt on the hairbrushes since dryer sheets work well on heat. Depending on how big your container is, add at least two or four dryer sheets if you are cleaning a large number of hair dryers. But if it is only at least five, two is good.


Step #2. Soaking your hairbrushes in the container

Soaking them in the solution you made earlier is the next step. Prepare all your brushes and combs and put them into the container to accomplish that. From there, you should space them at least one part from another if the container is big enough. If not, anything will do. Just align them well.

From there, you should soak them for at least an hour if the dirt is not that heavy, two hours if your hairbrushes look dirty but not that heavy too, and approximately three hours if your brushes and combs look inadequate and at the same time, smell bad too. With these sheets, it can eliminate those in no particular time.

Once the timer is done, it is now time to check if the combs and brushes placed on the container are good enough to be already called clean.

Double-check to see if there are still dirty combs so that you can redo the process. In that way, you can assure that once this process is done, you can use them right away in an instant. You’d also want to learn how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush. And for the final step, please continue reading.


Step #3. Finalizing and drying the combs and brushes

We will be drying our combs and brushes by first rinsing them thoroughly and running them through warm water for some finalizations. This is to make sure that all the dirt has been rinsed away to be usable again without worrying about the dirt present before and after everything. Run it twice on hot water if needed.

Once done, of course, it will appear dripping wet due to the water that we’ve used to rinse off all the dirt and finalize the cleaning process. With that, we shall be pat drying it before leaving it outside on an air-drying process. This is so that the hairbrushes and combs do not get damaged or lose their quality due to this method.

Heat or air drying will do for the finalizations. Put them outside with a blanket underneath so it doesn’t get dirty on a sunny day if you prefer heat drying.

As for air drying, you can do it outdoors or indoors anytime you want to, as long as it is windy enough to dry your brushes and combs. Also, a fan will do the work. For more methods, here are some effective ways to clean hairbrushes at home.


It’s A Wrap!

How to clean hairbrushes with dryer sheets? Now you know that dryer sheets do not only work for the dryer and can do other things too. Knowing how to clean hair brushes with a dryer sheet is a must. If you are also interested to read more, here’s how to use a hairbrush blower

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