How To Backstitch On A Brother Sewing Machine

Here is a simplified two-step tutorial if you want to learn how to backstitch on a Brother sewing machine. We’ll talk about the proper setup and usage according to Brother itself. You’ll also learn some quick fixes regarding backstitching issues with your sewing machine. 

But if the issue is on the button, read our guide on how to fix the reverse switch on a sewing machine. Knowing how to solve that problem beforehand will benefit you if you notice the backstitch setting is not engaging. 

how to backstitch on a brother sewing machine


How Do You Reverse Stitch On A Brother Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Set up the Brother sewing machine

  • Read the Brother manual of the specific model you have 
  • Check if you lowered the needle to start sewing
  • Backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitches
  • Press down on the foot controller to start and press the reverse button on the Brother sewing machine after four stitches
  • Hold the reverse button as you are pressing down on the foot controller 
  • Once you are at the beginning of the stitch, release the reverse button and foot controller to stop


Step 2. Finish sewing

  • After doing the reinforcement or reverse stitches, press on the foot controller or engage the start/stop button to begin sewing forward again
  • Once you are at the end of the material, press the reverse button and make around four stitches
  • Hold the button as you are pressing down on the foot controller
  • Press the start/stop button again to finish working to the end of the fabric 


How to do automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching on a Brother sewing machine

  1. Read the manual of the specific Brother sewing machine you have; some models have an automatic reverse feature, so simply find the button for this setting to activate it 
  2. Press on the automatic reverse button with the symbol indicated on the manual
  3. Set the fabric on your sewing machine and start stitching
  4. The Brother sewing machine will backstitch for you automatically
  5. Continue sewing, and once you reached the end of the stitching, press on the reverse stitch button again before stopping


How Do I Fix The Reverse Button On My Brother Sewing Machine?

  1. Open the headcover
  2. Determine the inner screw and tighten or loosen it accordingly
  3. Make small adjustments when turning the screw as you move the reverse button simultaneously to see if you have fixed it with the movements you did with the screw


How to fix my Brother sewing machine stuck in reverse

  1. Turn off the sewing machine
  2. Press and release the reverse button to see if it’s stuck
  3. Your sewing machine might also be reverse stitching because you forgot to select the correct stitch
  4. Check your stitch setting since some stitches will sew reinforcement stitches automatically
  5. You need to hold down the button when sewing three to five stitches, but this isn’t necessary when making reinforcement stitches since the needle will sew in the same place
  6. Check the bobbin and clean or reinstall it if needed
  7. Hold the reverse button for five seconds with the Brother sewing machine turned off and then restart it to see if this resets the stitch direction

If these troubleshooting techniques failed to fix the issues, contact the brand’s customer service or visit the nearest Brother service center in your location. 


Where Is The Reverse Button On A Sewing Machine?

The reverse stitching setting of a sewing machine can either be activated with a button, switch, or lever. You can expect it to be on the front side of the sewing machine, opposite the needle, at the bottom right corner, or even at the center plate. Regardless, you should read the manual of the specific sewing machine you have because it will teach you about its anatomy. 


How Do You Do A Backstitch On A Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the manual of the specific sewing machine you have
  2. Determine the reverse button or lever and check if you need to hold it down or press it once
  3. Press the foot control to start sewing backward and then stop before pressing the reverse button again to sew forward

Do you own a Singer model? Learn how to reverse stitch on a Singer sewing machine correctly. 


How do you do a backstitch by hand?

  1. Leave some extra thread after you finished sewing
  2. Make a small stitch around ⅛ inch-long on the area where the stitching ends and repeat to sew directly on top of it
  3. Continue working for six stitches to secure the stitching
  4. Trim the excess thread close to the backstitch 


What Does The Reverse Button Do On A Sewing Machine?

The reverse button allows the user to change the direction of the stitches and set the machine to sew backward. This will make reinforcement stitches that you must do at the beginning and end of your stitching. At the flick of the reverse button, the fabric will be feed in reverse; hence the stitches will work backward. 


When Reverse Stitching Do You Need To Hold The Reverse Button In?

Identifying whether you must hold the reverse button or not depends on your sewing machine. For example, some Singer models only need to be pressed once, while some Brother models require you to hold the reverse button while you’re pushing the pedal. 



And that’s it! To recap how to backstitch on a Brother sewing machine, you only need to press the backstitch button and hold it in as you press on the foot control. Remember to make reverse stitches at the beginning and end of the stitching to reinforce your work. 

We hope this was easy to understand. Leave us a question below if you have any. 

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