How Old Is My Kenmore Washer? 3 Awesome Things To Consider!

How old is my Kenmore washer? You can tell the age by knowing the manufacturer and identifying the serial numbers found on their labels. Manufacturers of Kenmore washers could be either Whirlpool or Frigidaire. Have you recently bought a second-hand washer for you to use at home? Or are you considering buying one?

Whichever the case is, it is vital to know the washer’s age. Knowing the washer’s age will help you determine if it was sold or priced right, as well as the span of years you will be able to use it.

How old is my Kenmore washer

If you don’t know how don’t worry, this article will cover it for you.


Kenmore Washer

Sears is one of those department stores that sell appliances with the brand Kenmore but doesn’t manufacture the product. The apparatus they sell are all made by different manufacturers they are in partnership with. That is why different serial numbers and models can be seen in Kenmore washers which makes it challenging to know the age of the washer. But don’t worry, you’ll learn how to read the age through this article.


New Vs. Used Washers

The hard work is all worth it after you smell the fresh scent of the newly-washed load. Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping through excellent, crisp, clean, and new sheets after a day of hard work. All of those cute pleasures are thanks to our household helper, the washing machine. Although appliances like the washer also need time to retire and be replaced when the time comes. You might be worried about spending another expense for more than a thousand dollars or more for a new one. But some homeowners are keen to look for used ones. Well, what are the conditions?


#1. New washers

Yes, of course, who doesn’t like a new appliance? Well, I do. They are energy efficient since a new washing machine model is developed every year. However, the energy star rating will determine its efficiency. What’s great about new appliances? Their warranties, yes, new machines tend to have a year warranty that will help protect the appliance n case of damage. You could save a few dollars if your new appliance gets broken within the warranty period.

Since it is a new one, more functions and designs are offered. From your preferred color, special features, and compact units, you will find something that will suit your taste. But since it is a new machine, you should expect it at your expense. I know it will be a little painful for the pocket, but a new machine would cost more than a thousand dollars. While you are so engrossed with the new features of a new washer, you might also want to consider its lifespan. Modern washers don’t last long compared to old washer models. It may be helpful to know how to operate a Kenmore washer machine.


#2. Used Washer

If you are considering purchasing a used washer, well, to tell you the good news, you will save more if you continue that plan. You can save both your energy bills as well as nature since you reuse a washer. If you recently bought a used washer, you can expect it to be durable, especially for older models because they are pretty famous for durability.

But since it is an old one, some parts may be replaced or removed. Yes, you’ve saved on purchasing a new one, but your energy bill may be waving high with you. There will be no warranties, too, unless the previous owner offers one. Click on this link to know what to look for when buying a used washing machine.


How Old My Kenmore Washer Is?

So, how old is my Kenmore washer? According to a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders and Bank of America Home Equity in 2007, a washing machine’s life expectancy to be at 10years. But how will you determine its age if it is second-hand?


#1. Find the serial and model numbers

The first thing to do is find the washer’s serial number and model number located at the back of the machine. You can also see it at the front base or sometimes under the lid.


#2. Determine the manufacturer

A Kenmore washer is from the sears company but is manufactured by two different manufacturers. One is the Whirlpool, and the other is Frigidaire which differs in their numbering systems. Whirlpool washers can be identified by their numbering system that has numbers that begin in “110”. Whereas Frigidaire-built washers have numbers that start with “417”.


#3. Identifying the serial number based on the manufacturer

If Whirlpool manufactured the Kenmore washer, the serial number could help you identify the age of your washer. For instance, the washer’s serial number starts in the letter “L,” which means it was built in 2001. The succeeding letters will mean the subsequent years too. If Frigidaire manufactures your washer, the serial number begins with two letters followed by several numbers. In the latest models, the first number will represent the years the washer was manufactured. Let’s say that after the first two letters of the serial number in your washer, you can see the number “2”, which means that it was built in 2002, the “3” represents 2003, and so on. The succeeding numbers will determine the number of weeks of the manufacturing day.


It’s A Wrap!

No more thoughts about “How old is my Kenmore washer?” since you read this article till the end. But before you come up with the decision to either purchase a new washer or a used one, think of which do you think you can save more? You may want to know how to reset the Kenmore washer.

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  1. What is the age of a kenmore washer manufactured by whirlpool and the MOD.# 110.20232710 and the SER.# C71930278 ?

  2. what year is my Kenmore Elite front load washing machine model number 110 45962 404 serial number cst2505517

  3. How old is my Kenmore washer There is no second letter, but, a number.

    m/n 110 28132410
    s/n C50940375

  4. Now I know how old they are they were born in 2007. They look really good and clean but 15 years old…come on will they last any longer? The web says life expectations is 5 years.

  5. How old is my Kenmore Elite washer
    Model: 110.47091 600
    Serial: CSUo617175

    Also do they still make this Kenmore washer?

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