How Old Do You Have To Be To Use A Tanning Bed? 7 Best Reasons!

Do you want to know if you’re old enough to tan in the tanning bed?

Also, you asked yourself, “how old do you have to be to use a tanning bed?”

how old do you have to be use a tanning bed

There are explainable reasons you should be of the proper age before using a tanning bed.

It has many benefits, such as tanning our skin efficiently, improving mood, producing vitamin D, and many more.

But does age matter when using this type of equipment?

If you’re a minor, does it have more prominent effects on your body than those who tried using a tanning bed at an older age?

Well, you should continue reading to find out!


Wait For The Proper Age Before Trying Indoor Tanning

You can mainly discover people who love indoor tanning in California.

So, how old do you have to be to use a tanning bed?

However, lawmakers in that state have banned tanning beds for ages under 18 years old.

So, no indoor tanning for minors.

Some of you might feel devastated because of the law, but you’ll thank them once you get older.

The following are some of the reasons you should not attempt using a tanning bed early.


Effects on your hair

Tanning has effects on your beautiful hair, such as the following:


Reason #1. Lightens and dries out hair

This reason results from the heat while you were lying inside the bed.

It might burn and damage your hair and scalp.

Even though you have some protection, your scalp is too fragile to be exposed to the UV rays of the tanning bed.

After a few years, you might discover that your hair became thin and it has changed color.

Further exposure would eventually result in extensive hair loss.

Reason #2. It could cause hair loss

Teenagers care more about their hair since it contributes to their appearance.

It would be best not to expose our scalp to the UV rays from the tanning bed at an early age.

Although it has not been established that tanning beds cause hair loss in people with healthy scalps.

Some say that UV radiation may hasten hair loss.

I’m sure that you don’t want to experience hair loss at age 20.

So, why don’t you go out and enjoy the sun until you’ve reached the proper age?


Effects on your skin

Tanning has effects on your smooth skin, such as the following:


Reason #3. Extensive sunburn

This reason is already expected.

But exposing your skin early and frequently would cause more damage.

There will be more harmful effects if you don’t apply tanning lotions or protection to your skin.

Yes, your skin will have a darker color than any of your teen classmates.

But is it truly worth it?

You’d have more damaged and dead skin cells than any other people in your surroundings.

If you already developed sunburns, use this guide on how to remove and take care of them.


Reason #4. Wrinkled skin

In American movies, where people use tanning beds, we can observe that they tend to have older-looking skin.

Do you want to look like a 50-year old when you’re 20?

I don’t think so too.

So, it would help if you lessen your exposure to the rays emitted by your tanning bed.

And don’t expose yourself too early.

Your skin will age earlier than any of your friends.


Reason #5. Early symptoms of skin cancer

Tanning beds are the most common cause of skin cancer in ages 25 to 29 years old.

Its commonly associated with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Melanoma starts in cells responsible for our skin’s pigment.

It will develop into melanoma cells that will worsen if it penetrates deeper into the cells and all over the body.

Most people diagnosed with this disorder did not survive.

If it’s not caught early or if you have a weak immune system, there’s a higher possibility you won’t make it.


Effects on other parts of your body

Tanning has effects on your body, such as the following:


Reason #6. You’ll develop cataracts

Tanning beds emit high-intensity ultraviolet radiation.

Exposure to this will affect your vision.

It would most likely result in cataracts.

This eye disorder develops slowly, but frequent exposure to these rays will fasten the process.

The most common symptom associated with cataracts is having blurry vision and will eventually lead to losing your eyesight.

Do you want to lose your vision at an early age?

Reason #7. Indoor tanning weakens your immune system

More than two weeks of continuous exposure to radiation from tanning beds would weaken your immune system.

It will affect the ability of your cells to fight against cancer.

The radiation would also make your body sensitive to daylight.

Radiation will reduce the effectiveness of medications.

And may impair your body’s ability to respond to certain drugs.

So, if you get sick early, even though you eat healthy foods, you’ll know why.



And this is where the article has come to an end.

You’ve discovered in this article how old do you have to be to use a tanning bed.

We also included the reasons why you shouldn’t expose yourself to indoor tanning at an early age.

Some of you might now follow the age limit in using tanning beds.

But is it worth the risk?

The answer will depend on you.

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