How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food? 4 Best Signs!

Did you ask yourself how long can bed bugs live without food?

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how long can bed bugs live without food

Bed bugs cannot live if they cannot eat in 20 up to 400 days.

This period depends on how humid and hot the environment is.

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How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Any Food?

It is expected that some beds have bed bugs in them. I know that you want to get rid of them.

Bed bugs, in their maturity, are wingless and elongated insects that measure about a fifth of an inch.

Moreover, these bed bugs appear ochre; their appearance looks like rusty nails and burnt wood.

Also, bed bugs are flat and hairy insects. They also have antennas.

Their babies are called nymphs, they appear yellowish and smaller compared to an adult bed bug.

Bed bugs are quick in multiplying.

They typically produce around two hundred up to five hundred eggs that turn into nymphs during their cycle.

And these bugs usually lay 2 to 5 babies per day on woody surfaces.

So, look out because the laying areas might be near your bed or personal spaces.

Moreover, bed bugs cover their eggs with a gooey substance which they hatch after a week or two at average room temperatures.

Bed bugs, together with their nymphs, eat nocturnally.

However, they typically feed at nighttime, where the surroundings are darker.

They also hide in tight spaces during the day.

But bed bugs can eat anytime in a day whenever there is a food source near them.

You should check already if bed bugs try to hide on the edges of your mattress.

They like areas that are made of wood, paper, and cloth.

Regardless, how long can bed bugs live without food?

Bed bugs cannot live if they did not eat for about 20-400 days.

Also, older nymphs can survive longer in hunger.

It is also observed that bed bugs can live more than 400 days at lower temperatures in experimental conditions.

Indeed, bed bugs are scary to deal with.

However, they can survive longer than humans while not eating anything.


What To Know If Bed Bugs Are Near You?

These little monsters are hard to find and scary because they suck on blood.

In addition, bed bugs can cause you harm while you are sleeping.

So you should know if they are near you.

Luckily, mature bed bugs can be seen without any aid from optical equipment.

You can check your bedpost, bedside furniture, wall junctions, wallpaper gaps, and tight spaces in your room.

Usually, these bed bugs are comparable to the size of the seed of an apple.

Now, note these things that are signs of bed bugs are in your room.


Sign #1. Shed bed bug skins

These are the remains of the bed bug exoskeletons.

In their life cycle, they tend to shed their outer layers of skin to grow larger.

Look for their molten skins in tight spaces in your bed.

Take off every piece of furniture and inspect with a flashlight.

You will quickly see the enemy with your eyes.


Sign #2. Bed bug castings

While they feed, bed bugs also excrete waste.

These fecal castings tend to appear dark in color.

They also look like stains in a piece of fabric.

Bed bugs feed on your blood.

Although blood is red, their feces are darker from the process of digestion.


Sign #3. Bloody stains on your clothes

Typically, bed bugs try to cling onto you and feed on your skin.

As a result, you can notice quickly that your clothes have minor bloodstains.

After you wake up, try to check on your beddings and personal clothing if there is a presence of blood spots.

If so, you are infested with bed bugs.


Sign #4. Body symptoms

Bed bugs can leave red marks on your skin.

In addition, it might itch heavily depending on the severity of the infestation.

You need to watch out if you have marks that bumpy and reddish in appearance.

Also, you might feel a burning sensation on bitten areas of the skin.

Bed bugs can leave rashes on your legs, back, or chest.

You can see clearly how these little monsters have a bite you that caused redness.

Lastly, you need to observe if there continuous bites from the insect.

If these symptoms are present, you should quickly go to a dermatologist.


Finishing Things Up!

Great! You already know how long can bed bugs live without food.

These tiny creatures have stages in their lives that require them to consume blood.

Typically, bed bugs cannot live if they do not eat anything in 20 to 400 days.

However, some younger bed bugs can go longer than this time.

Also, it would help if you observed any signs that bed bugs are near you.

If you want to read further about bed bugs, you can go here.

I hope this article answered your question quickly.

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Thank you very much for reading!

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