How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress And Why

The answer to how often should you clean your mattress is every six months. But why do we need to clean our mattress? How do you deep clean a mattress?

This article will discuss everything you need to know to keep your bed clean and healthy. It’s not enough that you just know it’s twice a year. 

how often should you clean your mattress


Everything To Know On How Often You Should Clean Your Mattress

If you wonder when you should clean your mattress, you can do it every six months. You must clean your bed as often as twice a year to ensure good hygiene and keep it in terrific condition. The mattress might not need cleaning as frequently as bedsheets and other beddings, but it doesn’t mean you can wait a whole year before cleaning it.

However, every six months is more applicable to the question of how often you should deep clean your mattress. And if you spilled or soiled the bed, then it should be treated immediately. You should also clean it when you store the mattress or prepare it for moving


Why you should clean your mattress

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, so it’s no question that we’re often on the mattress compared to other furniture items. Therefore, the bed should always be clean to ensure good health and comfortable sleep. If the mattress is dirty, it can collect dust, allergens, or even pesky critters like dust mites and bed bugs.

The bed can also become an enticing environment for germs and even fungi such as mold if we don’t maintain it properly. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, your body will start telling you. And, of course, keeping the mattress clean will help it last longer because you’ll be protecting the materials from early degradation. 


How do you clean and sanitize a mattress?

Different materials require a specific procedure, so you must know the recommended practices for the bed you have. For example, learning how to clean a memory foam mattress will be different from cleaning an air mattress. But in general, here is how you can clean your mattress every six months:

  1. Remove all the covers and bedding on the bed for washing separately
  2. Check the recommended products and practices for your mattress to avoid stains and damages
  3. Vacuum the mattress throughout and ensure that you’re also reaching the tight areas
  4. After removing the dirt and dust build-up, spot treat all the stains you can see
  5. You can use hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda to target and lift off the stains from the material
  6. After spot-treatment, spray with white vinegar without soaking the bed too much
  7. Allow the bed to air dry and then sprinkle baking soda all over it
  8. What happens when you pour baking soda over the bed is it will absorb the remaining odors and moisture 
  9. Let the powder sit overnight before vacuuming it off

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Mattress?

Since you don’t need to deep clean your mattress frequently, vacuuming it weekly is a good cleaning practice for maintenance. This will prevent dirt and dust build-up that can stain the bed or even trigger allergies in some people. However, there are exceptions when vacuuming the mattress.

For example, did you see mouse droppings on the bed? Cleaning mouse droppings from the mattress should never be done with a vacuum cleaner. Instead, you must wet it with disinfectant to avoid creating dust that potentially harbors Hantavirus. 


How Often Should You Get Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned?

You can consider getting your mattress professionally cleaned twice a year. The difference between letting experts do the deep cleaning than yourself is they have the right tools and products. Your mattress might be incompatible with typical household cleaners, so you need to get it maintained professionally. 


How Do You Deep Clean A Mattress?

You can learn how to steam clean a mattress if your bed allows this procedure. It’s an effective way to deeply clean and remove stains on the mattress compared to manually rubbing the discolorations off. If needed, you can find professional cleaners who can do this for you or rent a steamer model. 

Do note that not all mattresses must get wet. Some stuffing will deteriorate when they become wet. If an accident occurs, here is how to dry a mattress


How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

You can wash your bedsheets weekly since it’s what comes in contact with you before the mattress itself. However, remember that the sheets can collect sweat, makeup, moisture, oils, and other dirty stuff as we use it daily. So follow the recommended cleaning procedure for your bedsheets, typically with cold water and mild detergent in the washing machine. 



When was the last time you deep cleaned your bed? To recap how often should you clean your mattress, it’s every six months or twice a year. This schedule should help your mattress last longer and also ensure that you get good sleep and health. 

Vacuuming the bed weekly is also sufficient for maintenance. Just remember to learn the dos and dont’s for the material you have. 


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