How Much Propane Does An RV Water Heater Use? Read These Amazing Facts!

This guide helps you find out how much propane does an RV water heater use? If each household member has three showers every day, the water heater, on average, consumes 1.5 to 2 gallons of propane weekly. This is the most cost-effective and efficient heat source since it provides enough hot water for a single bath in around half an hour.

The volume of the tank, the frequency with which water is utilized, and the external temperature are all factors that influence the amount of propane consumed. When RV camping, hot water is one of the conveniences you may bring along.

how much propane does an RV water heater use

If your water heater runs on propane, you’ll need to prepare ahead. But how much gas does a water heater in an RV consume? We’ve got you covered, whether you need to keep in mind that you have pretty good propane for vacation or just want to figure out how much your water heater costs to run. Therefore, let’s see how to calculate your RV water heater’s propane use rapidly. Let’s get this party started.


What’s The Size Of RV’s Propane Tank

Propane tanks in Class CRVs often range from 20 to 40 gallons, whereas tanks in fifth-wheel RVs typically range from 40 to 60 gallons, and propane tanks usually range from 80 to 100 gallons in Class A RVs. A 20-gallon tank is common in Class B RVs and camper vans.

However, because each RV type and manufacturer is unique, inspect your owner’s handbook to be confident. If you’re planning a lengthy journey, a 33-pound size is the best choice because it allows you to travel longer between refills. On your rig, the propane tank is determined by the rig’s model. How much propane does an RV water heater use? Some can contain 7 pounds of propane, while others may handle up to 100 pounds. 


What Is the Propane Capacity Of An RV Water Heater

The propane quantity consumed by an RV hot water system depends on the hot water tank size,  how much hot water you use while taking a shower, bathing, washing, cooking, and the average water heater temperature setting.  As you’ve seen, providing a proper response to this question is complicated. We can obtain a near approximation with some math, though.

Consider the following scenario: In 42 hours of continuous usage, a travel trailer or camper equipped with a 6-gallon RV hot water system rated above 10,000 BTUs will consume 20 pounds of propane. While this may appear to be a significant quantity of propane consumed in a short period, keep in mind that your RV’s hot water tank sometimes doesn’t operate continually. It simply utilizes propane to heat the addition of the new water tank, which requires approximately 10 to 15 mins. So, in theory, you could operate an RV hot water system for nearly a month on a 20-pound tank if the conditions were correct.


Is It A Good Idea To Leave The RV’s Water Heater Turned On

The water heater in your RV does not need to be turned off straight. Whenever the RV  heater isn’t being used, simply shut off the electricity to the generators and transformer (usually just one button on the panelboard). All is turned off, and the hot water system is. When you turn the return back on the next period you need, it will automatically turn back on.

Is there any possibility that leaving it on will impact the water heater? Not in the least. Many heating systems have a 10-year lifetime, unaffected by how frequently they are turned in and out of it. Before turning it on, keep in mind it’s constantly full of water. You’ll harm it if there’s no water! An anode rod is now installed in most water heaters to avoid erosion. It’s an excellent thought to change them every year to help extend the life of your water heater. 

Cleaning out the water at least twice a year is also recommended. It accumulates dirt. The dirt may cause the heating element to catch fire if it’s dirty! As a result, leaving the hot water system on is acceptable. It makes things easier. The expense and environmental effect would merely be a little more. You may also be interested to know about RV water heater troubleshooting.


Is The Capacity Of An RV Propane Tank Measured In Pounds Or Gallons?

The gallon capacity and the tank’s weight commonly describe RV propane tanks. In general, the number of gallons will be 25% of the total amount. For example, it is a 106-pound tank that contains 25 gallons of gas. So don’t be startled if you find one of two sets of numbers. The gallons figure would be the one you should focus on in the end. The larger the amount, the less frequently you’ll need to load it up.


It’s A Wrap!

We’re happy to know that you have learned how much propane does an RV water heater use after reading this article. RV water heaters use relatively little propane; most campers run their hot water tank every time. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about why flush water heater and what causes water heater to leak.

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