What To Say To My Son On His Wedding Day

If you’re unsure of what to say to my son on his wedding day, you can consider three things to speak to your child. These are examples of what to say to your son while preparing for his wedding day or for the card to give your son on his wedding day. 

Moms and dads can consider these three ways to show love and support, and we’ll also discuss the expectations for the groom’s parents. And if you like giving items with sentimentality, refer to what to give your son on his wedding day

what to say to my son on his wedding day


Here Are What To Say To My Son On His Wedding Day


Show your support for your son’s wedding day

The first thing you can tell your son on his wedding day is something supportive. The wedding day, especially the last few days close to it, can be stressful. 

Reassure your son with things like “your wedding will be wonderful” or listen to him if he’s feeling nervous and overwhelmed. The bride and groom will surely appreciate having their parents support them in their decision to marry. 

You can also reminisce about his best memories that led him to the man he is now. And if the groom seems to be too tense on his wedding day, you can read about wedding cold feet to know how to navigate this common emotion. 


Congratulate him on his wedding and speak good things about the bride

Your son’s wedding day is undoubtedly a significant milestone in life. Besides showing support, talk about how happy you are about his big day. 

You can say things like “your wedding day will be fantastic because I know that your partner is…” You can even compare your marriage with your spouse and the similarities with the bride and groom’s relationship, especially if your son looks up to you regarding your marriage.

One of the best things a mom or dad can tell her son on his wedding day is how happy you are with his choice of bride. We all want reassurance from our parents, and it will make any child feel better to know that his parents also accept his partner


Provide marriage advice and give best wishes

The final thing you can say to your son when writing a letter or card for his wedding is to provide some marriage advice. Deep down, he might still seek your guidance for this big step in his life.

There’s no need to go into details that might stress him out. But instead, provide lighthearted advice similar to talking to a child who’s about to do something big. 

Finally, offer a few words of wishing him well and his partner. You can also talk to them with your spouse and let them feel that you’ll always be there for them. 


What Can I Write On My Son’s Wedding Card?

Some parents may not be able to speak or talk to their children on their wedding day because of the many preparations in the morning and throughout the day. Therefore, you can send them a card that they can read while preparing with the wedding party. 


Wedding card wishes for son from mom

  • I wish you blessings as you tie the knot today! I am and have always been proud of you, and you made the right choice with your partner. I love you and congratulations!
  • I wish the best for you two, and I am excited to celebrate your wedding with you today. I love you, son. 


Wedding card wishes for son from dad

  • I am looking forward to this new chapter of your life with xxxx. I hope this marriage means excellent things for your, my son. Congratulations! 
  • I’ll always be here for you even now that you’re a married man. I love you, son. 

Ultimately, please be sincere and don’t just copy phrases from the internet. You know your son best, and it’s always much appreciated to say something from the heart, no matter how short or long it is. 

At some weddings, the best man might even prepare a montage of videos from the son’s family. Of course, you don’t need to tell your son a lengthy message, but a simple show of support and love is always heartfelt. 


What Do You Say To Your Son And Daughter In Law On Their Wedding Day?

If you’re the groom’s dad or mom, you can offer a toast regarding the upcoming best years of their life. Talk about the best memories you had with them and the moments you realized they’ll make the perfect husband and wife. 

You can also use this opportunity to welcome the bride and her family to your family. And of course, marriage advice from your own experiences is always fantastic, even for the guests listening at the venue. 


Does The Mother Of The Groom Give The Bride A Gift?

In some families, it’s tradition to give an heirloom to the bride that is also passed down to the groom’s mother by her own mom or mother-in-law. 



Was this discussion helpful? Moms and dads just learned what to say to my son on his wedding day, which can be through being supportive, proud, and providing advice and best wishes. 

You can also reassure the couple that you know that they’ll do well entering married life. We hope you learned a lot; let us know below what else you want to know as the groom’s parents. 

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