How Much Is Pest Control For Mice? Best Homeowner’s Guide

The process of exterminating uninvited rodents can be pretty stressful, especially if you don’t know how much is pest control for mice. Lucky for you, this article will discuss the price range for such endeavors and how you can locate service providers.

There are all kinds of pests regardless of whether it’s your house or workplace. These are mostly animals looking to survive through your mere leftovers, displayed food, or even garbage.

how much is pest control for mice

As nice as it could be to help these little beings, they can sometimes bring disease, dirt, and other unsanitary things to our homes. Some of them also have the potential for rabies if you’re unlucky to get bitten or scratched.

They also tend to wreak havoc in their wake, putting your place in disarray and wasting valuable resources and time to clean up. If they’re already causing too much disturbance in your home, then you should be considering ordering extermination.


How Much Should You Pay For Mice Extermination?

Mice extermination is quite a popular service under the pest controls’ menu. After all, these little crawlers can easily fit into tiny spaces and holes to get into your home.

The range of such services typically depend on your area. However, the following values tend to be the trend:

  • $200 to $500 for inspection and extermination
  • $300 to $600 for inspection, extermination, and prevention.

Again, these costs can be volatile depending on specific circumstances in your area and state. On average, though, you would be spending about $350 for such purging activity. 

Some factors that can affect these ranges are the following:


Size of property

The first factor that can immensely affect the payment you need to deliver is how big your place is; the bigger, the more zeroes you must have. This will immediately become apparent the moment the service providers contact you.

Most of them would ask you immediately about the floor area and the number of floors in the area. Regardless if you only saw the rodent once in a single room, professional pest controllers would typically sweep your entire place for mice.

This is to ensure that they can ace their job by thoroughly exterminating all the pests.


Extent of extermination

Other than the size of your place, the next thing that could hike the price is how far the extermination must proceed. This includes how large the mice population became and what kind of treatment they must perform to ensure successful operation.

For mice infestation that you’ve observed for a long time already, the pest control providers may have to come back a couple of times to do multiple sweeps. The cost for numerous visits will also increase if the shop or headquarter of the professionals is far.

This is why it’s crucial to deal with pests as soon as possible because they seldom go away on their own. The longer you wait for such to happen, the higher the cost you’ll pay in the future.


Availability of service provider

This may be less obvious than the rest, but the cost could also be sensitive to the availability of service providers. It can also be connected to our previous point, where the price can get high if the provider is anchored a fair distance from your home, including equipment transportation.

If there’s also a competition in the area that suddenly closed down, the remaining shops may choose to increase their prices. This is so they can hire more people and get more equipment to accommodate all the new clients.



Another less obvious reason for the expensive pest control services is the season. For example, when it’s mating season for rodents, they could get wild in all locations simultaneously.

There’s also an exponential increase in pests population past such times, so the extent of every operation would increase. It would ease your expense to call for extermination before such a thing happens.


Skills and license of the provider

One last time, service providers get reasonably distinguished according to their specialty, efficiency, and effectiveness of their operations. You would notice that more popular providers are free to change their prices since they have already solidified their foundation.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good if a particular shop is famous. It’s also good to check their customer satisfaction rate and corresponding license to operate.

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When should you call for pest control against mice?

Once you see a single mouse, you might as well start looking for credible pest control shops. They are pretty convenient to find these days since most of them create websites you can visit and do research.

Other than the internet, these service providers spread info through signages, commercials, and word of mouth. If you can’t find one, you can ask your neighbor or anyone who’s been in your area longer, and they can point one to you.

Besides finding the exterminators, you also need to inform your building owner and neighbors. You must also learn how to prepare your house for mice extermination.

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Knowing how much is pest control for mice is just a tiny step into ridding your home of uninvited guests. However, if you could do an estimate, it should be easier to prepare and proceed with the ordeal.

We hope you find enough information that you need!

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