Dealing With Pests 101: How Much Is Orkin Pest Control?

Orkin is one of the best professional pest control companies out there, and as such, one needs to know how much is Orkin pest control. Read this guide to answer this question and know more relevant information. 


how much is orkin pest control

What Is Orkin?

There are several pest control firms you can call if you have pest problems and don’t know how to deal with it yourself. They do not, however, all provide the same services, pricing, or degree of excellence.

Orkin has years of experience coping with a wide range of pests and uses industry-leading equipment. Orkin has been fighting termites for more than 70 years and has more than 100 years of bed bug experience. 

Pest control technicians must complete 160 hours of specialized training, and the organization serves more than 1.7 million residential and commercial customers across the world.

Orkin offers a comprehensive pest control service that protects your home against typical domestic pests such as ants, cockroaches, rodents, and stinging insects. They also offer specific, targeted termite and bed bug treatment plans.

Fleas and other stinging pests may be added in this package, depending on your unique pest control needs. You can also choose whether or not to incorporate mosquito control on the inside and outside of your home in this plan. 

Depending on where you reside, the general pest control plan is carried out quarterly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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Orkin’s Points Of Service

Orkin investigates for factors that attract pests, kills present infestations, and interrupts the bugs’ life cycle to stop potential infections for general pest control. Points of Service is a six-step process followed by the pest control company.

First and foremost, Orkin does an investigation. Orkin conducts a thorough inspection of your complete home, both inside and out, for any existing or future insect problems.

Orkin will treat the perimeter of your property and eliminate any wasp nests or spiderwebs that are visible. 

To drive pests out, Orkin fills, caulks, covers, and locks crevices and fissures. Next, Orkin treats the interior of your home and sets pest monitors in strategic locations such as the garage, utility rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.

They prepare a complete report detailing the services provided as well as future suggestions to maintain your house pest-free. Lastly, Orkin keeps in touch between planned appointments so that an expert can respond to any urgent need.


Orkin’s Termite Control

Termidor liquid termite remedies, dry foam and Orkin foam, and Sentricon bait and supervision are all used by Orkin to combat termite infestations. 


1. Termidor liquid 

Termidor liquid solutions can be put to your base to establish a protective layer around your property and are harmless for both indoor and outdoor use. 

This approach works in two ways: it provides instant protection while also providing preventative maintenance. Orkin delivers the exact amount using an application flowmeter.


2. Orkinfoam and dry foam

Orkinfoam is a patented material that is used to fill voids around heating ducts and water pipes, as well as under floors, in interior and exterior walls, and on other surfaces. 

Termite protection is provided by expanding foam that reaches vital places. Orkinfoam has a low moisture content, so homeowners don’t have to fear it causing harm.


3. Sentricon bait and tracking

By disturbing the termite molting cycle and limiting development, this therapy pauses the termite growth period. Orkin treats the most vulnerable portions of your home, such as mulch, most soil, old tree stumps, sprinkler heads, and downspouts, with this treatment.

Your Orkin Man will fill up a Termite Control Service Ticket after each visit, detailing what was accomplished and when he will resume to check on development.


4. Orkin price breakdown

Treatment costs can differ greatly based on a number of factors. Before giving you a price for your termite or bed bug problems, Orkin will need to conduct a free in-home assessment to determine the extent of your infestation and create a customized strategy.

Treatment will be more expensive if you have a serious infestation. Treatment costs more in a larger home, and some locations are more pricey than others.

Certain bugs necessitate more intensive treatment, which might be more expensive. Some intensive treatments, it appears, are likewise more expensive than ordinary treatments.

Finally, infestations that necessitate additional treatment will charge you more.


The Process With Orkin

The majority of quotes-related phone calls last fewer than 10 minutes. An Orkin professional will evaluate your basement or crawlspace for moisture, your base for wood debris, and other trouble spots that could lure an infestation once you receive a quotation and schedule an inspection.

To inspect your home, the experts will utilize moisture meters, termite detection systems, and other tools. After the specialist completes the inspection, they will write a customized report outlining any issues found and treatment recommendations for your house.

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Knowing how much is Orkin pest control and other related things about it will surely be your life saver! As such, when facing the same issue in the future, you know where to come again.

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