How Much Is A Heater Blower Motor? Read These 3 Awesome Factors!

Do you want to know how much is a heater blower motor? The answer is here! The average cost to replace a blower motor is $550, with a standard limit of $350 to $900. You might spend little enough as $250 for labor alone if you have a guarantee.

High-end versions, such as those with huge motors or accessibility concerns, can cost up to $3,000.

how much is a heater blower motor

Both furnace and air conditioner share the blower motor, so it’s a one-stop shop. It is located within the air handling unit. The air is blown into the ductwork over the furnace’s heating coils and the air conditioner’s evaporator coil, both situated between ducts and the blower. This is just an overview; keep reading to discover more.


Factors Affecting How Much A Heater Blower Motor Is

It is less expensive to replace a blower motor with a vintage resistor block design than replacing a blower motor with contemporary computer-controlled resistors. The resistor is the most frequent cause of weakness in a blower motor. The fan may stop working, although it’s improbable. The only reason the fan has to be replaced is due to wear or breakage.

 Even though the fan needs to be changed, the cost is not prohibitive. Its blower motor is usually accessible in most autos. If you possess one of these models, the cost of replacing the blower motor will not be prohibitive. Because the bulk of blower motor replacement fixes is dependent just on the blower motor resistor. The below-mentioned factors determine the cost of a heater blower motor, and you will understand how much is a heater blower motor.


#1. Labor cost

The cost of labor in the United States varies by location. Labor charges in most workshops in the United States range from $80 to $170. It pays roughly $100 per hour on average. Whenever it relates to labor, the length of time needed varies per product. The time it takes to dismantle and change the blower motor on an F-150, for example, would be less than 1⁄2 an hour.

Because the blower motor is freely reachable, this is the case. As a result, the labor will not exceed $60 in this scenario. However, an automobile like such an Audi A4 is far more expensive in the labor sector. One reason is that, compared to the  F-150, getting to the unit is significantly more difficult. The entire method for the Audi A4 will take between  1 and 2 hours, including disassembly, replacing, and recombining. As a result, labor might cost $300. The blower motors in most autos are readily available. A blower motor replacement on an automobile seldom necessitates substantial effort.


#2. Blower motor parts cost

A resistor-based central controller is much less expensive than a computer-controlled panel. A blower motor resistor for an earlier Toyota Camry may be purchased for $45. However, it is the Toyota Corolla; almost all other automobiles are more expensive. The blower motor resistors might cost anywhere between $35 and $00. It is usually found in the middle of that range. You will pay extra if the vehicle has a computer-controlled unit. This seems to be owing to the electric elements’ sensitivity. The computer-controlled unit can cost well over $250. It has the potential to reach $350. You may also be interested to know about how to fix a car blower motor.


#3. The testing process

When you bring your automobile in for repair, the very first thing any technician will do is make a diagnostic. The testing technique and process differ depending on the model of the car and the kind of speed control for the blower motor. In any case, the diagnosing process is quick. A skilled technician can make the diagnostic in less than half an hour in most autos. It might take up to an hour.

The evaluation is the same price as the labor expenses. A typical technician will bill you $80 per hour. As a result, the diagnostic will cost between $40 and $110.The entire cost will include the evaluation, labor, and parts costs. You must realize that there is no way to estimate its total cost. In light of the preceding, replacing the blower motor might be as low as $150. That’s on the low end, but it may go up to $700. 

The cost of replacing a blower motor varies greatly. However, the typical cost of a blower motor replacement will give you a reasonable estimate. The typical cost of replacing a blower motor is $3000 and $355. If you use this value to shop for a new blower motor, you ought to be able to get a good bargain. Especially when you are simply looking to rebuild the blower motor but not the resistor, your cost will not differ considerably. The blower motor, as well as a resistor, are practically the very same price. The cost of a blower motor ranges from $80 to $190.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how much is a heater blower motor. The cost of a blower motor ranges from $80 to $190. This article will find the total cost to replace a heater blower motor. It’s best to also know car overheats when the heater is on and why is my car heater not blowing hot air. Thank you, friends, for reading this article.

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