Why Is My Car Heater Not Blowing Hot Air? 7 Surprising Reasons!

The question is: why is my car heater not blowing hot air? Your antifreeze or coolant may not be coming up to temperature, heater control valve, malfunctioning thermostat, low coolant level, clogged heater core, and a lousy air blower are all possible causes for your car heater not blowing hot air.

Your heater may not be pumping hot air, although getting switched on for various reasons. This will be ideal if you consider a few things before diving into the issue, as this will assist you in fixing it quickly. Examine the fan speed and the climate settings. 

why is my car heater not blowing hot air

However, if the heater blower fan isn’t operating correctly, you may notice that the vents aren’t blowing or that the blowing is erratic or irregular. Why is a car heater not producing hot air, and what can you do about it? Below are common issues and the factors for them to assist you in determining the actual problem. Let’s have fun. 


Why Is Car Heater Not Blowing Hot Air?

Going for a long drive in winter, especially when your car heater is not working, is very frustrating. Whenever this happens, you must think, why is my car heater not blowing hot air. Here are some common causes of this problem. Le’s dig them one by one!


#1. Low level of coolant 

Low coolant level is the most common cause of a car heater overheating or blowing cold air. Whether there’s a low coolant level, it may well be due to a leak or a severe problem, such as you scorching the coolant, which could have been disastrous. If there is a leak, the coolant level will not be the same, and the coolant will flow incorrectly even if the fluid is restored; thus, you must first repair the hole that caused the leak. To correct it, plug the hole with a sealant and reintroduce the fluid. It will restore the fluid circulation system to its former condition.


#2. The thermostat isn’t working correctly

A damaged or defective thermostat might be an issue when your heating system has blown up. Whenever the engine hits 90 degrees, the thermostat unlocks and shuts if that doesn’t operate after more than ten minutes. As a result, if it failed or broke, the heated coolant still wouldn’t approach the heater core, resulting in cold air from the heater. The only approach to address a thermostat issue is to repair it.  Buying a new one might be a more cost-effective and quicker remedy for this difficulty.


#3. Blocked heater core

The buildup of contaminants in heaters and filters might cause issues in their systems. Therefore cleaning is critical. If you’ve not cleaned the heater in a long time, corrosion and debris may accumulate and cause an obstruction. You understand what we’ll say: trying to clean; yeah! If your heater core is clogged, be sure you flush it right away.


#4. Heater control valve failure

The quantity of coolant that leaves the motor and enters the heater core is controlled by a valve. These valves should always function correctly; if not, then the heater may begin to blast cold air due to an inadequate coolant supply. Fix the faulty valves to guarantee that the coolant fluid circulates smoothly all across the systems. It may also be a good idea to read about purpose of control valve.


#5. The blower isn’t working

Aside from this, there’s another possibility that the car heater isn’t working and blowing cold air.  A fan switch and faulty blower motor are causing the problem. These components control the fan’s speed. Your automobile isn’t producing cold or hot air because anything is incorrect with the blower or the mechanics that govern its performance. There’s a risk the airflow-controlling electronically operated bend doors are damaged or malfunctioning.  in a condition like the above, don’t try to fix it yourself; you’ll simply end up causing more harm. To cope with this issue, contact a specialist or an auto-electrician. 


#6. The incorrect ratio of antifreeze or coolant 

Are you wondering about how the coolant fluid heats and cools your car? As you can see, the liquid contains a mix of coolant and antifreeze. This quantity of both is determined by the climate in which your vehicles were stored. For instance, if you reside in a cold environment in which the temperatures are lowered to 15-20 degrees, the antifreeze proportion in the combination will be more significant. Likewise, if you live in a hotter climate, you may need only a tiny amount of antifreeze. As a result, your car’s coolant fluid combination must have the proper ratio of both the two to offer effective heating or cooling. 


#7. Leaking of heater

 Leaks may develop in various areas since your automobile utilizes plenty of fluids. Inspect the hoses and pumps for leakage if you can’t access hot air. Get it mended if you come across one.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this article, we hope that you all will understand why is my car heater not blowing hot air. Once you read this article thoroughly, you can fix all the causes that lead to this problem. It’s best to also know how does car heater and why my car heater is not working. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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