How Much Does It Cost To Start A Pest Control Business?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who has the question “how much does it cost to start a pest control business” in your head? You have come across the right article as we will let you know how you can start it, how much money you will need, and the pros and cons of choosing this type of business.

Pest control services have been gaining demand with no extraordinary reason but the people’s hate against pests. As long as unwanted guests keep coming into people’s homes, there will be a lot of work for you to do.

how much does it cost to start a pest control business


5 Steps To Start Your Pest Control Business

Starting any business is undoubtedly not an easy thing to do. However, do not worry, as we put up a guide on the steps you need to take if you aspire to start your own pest control business.

Before you proceed with the steps, have a better understanding of what is pest control by reading this article.


Step #1. Specify the range of services you will provide

Pest control services have a wide variety. Although we are sure you want to provide all of them to your customers, narrowing down your options is best if you are just starting.

Here are some of the pest control services you can consider:

  • Commercial, residential, or both
  • Long-term contracts
  • One-time service
  • Fumigation
  • Baiting
  • Lawn services
  • Crawl space and attic treatments
  • Termite control
  • Nests removal
  • Rodent control
  • Mosquito control
  • Eliminating bed bugs
  • Getting rid of fleas and ticks
  • Trapping wild mammals

A helpful tip for making a good choice is to identify the type of area of your business and determine the most common pest problems there.


Step #2. Establish a good business plan

A well-drafted business plan is one of the most significant factors to a successful business. It will help you determine any gaps and uncover the unknowns.

A business plan outlines how you intend to manage and run your business. Aside from the fact that it will keep everyone and everything on track, it is very useful in securing financing or business loans.


Step #3. Build your own brand

Your brand is a very important element as it will define your company’s identity. It is how your potential customers will set you apart from your competitors.

A brand will include all the recognizable characteristics of your business, including your business name and logo, as well as the color and scheme you will choose to incorporate. You can also come up with a tagline that will catch and impact your target customers.


Step #4. Have your registration, license, and insurance requirements ready

No matter the state you are in, pest control is a regulated business. It is essential to check the state laws to be well-informed on the certification and county licensing registration processes.

You must form a legal entity and gather all the necessary licenses and certificates. It is also best to purchase insurance to keep your business secure and stable with finances.


Step #5. Have an excellent kickstart to your business

At this stage, you purchase and prepare all the necessary equipment and materials. You will have to buy vehicles, chemicals or products for controlling pests, uniforms and safety gear for your workers, pest control equipment, and business-related services like Wi-Fi and a telephone.

It is also the time when you work on your marketing strategy to find your potential clients. You should know the specifics of the customers you are looking for, so it will be easier for you to find people that fit the criteria.


How much will you need for a pest control business?

While pest control business is a good investment, it might also cost you a considerable amount of money. If you wish to start your own pest control business, you will need at least $10,000 to cover all the expenses.

However, some entrepreneurs prefer to franchise established and known pest control businesses that will cost you roughly $15,000 up to $150,000 depending on the company. This is an easier approach if you don’t want to start something from scratch. 

Technically, you can start a pest control business in your home, but you will still need to spend on the supply and equipment that you will need. You will also need to hire people, so you will also add their salary to your expenses.

For ideas on the products you will purchase, here is an article about what do pest control companies use that will help you.



Pushing through with a business idea is not an easy decision. It will take a lot of preparation and will also require you to face the risk of being a part of a competitive environment.

However, now that you have an idea of how much does it cost to start a pest control business, you are off to a good start. All you need is courage, a positive mindset, and a bunch of unwanted guests to invade and pester people’s homes and buildings.

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