How Much Does Apple Charge To Fix Water Damaged Mac?

Since you’re here, you probably want to know how much does apple charge to fix water damaged mac. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place.

A water-damaged Mac isn’t that easy to repair based on the level of damage. Minor spills can already pose a risk for this device; water and electricity are hazardous when mixed.

how much does apple charge to fix water damaged mac

The buying price of Macs isn’t something you can shrug off, so it’s understandable to feel fear and frustrations when encountering this. Continue reading to know what you should do when you accidentally spill or dip a mac in liquid.


Identifying Signs Of A Damaged Mac

Start familiarizing yourself with the different kinds of damages that may be inflicted on your Mac by reading the following:

  • Earbuds as source of damage – There are many cases where some people forget that their earbuds are still on the Macs’ keyboard, then once they close it forcefully, the display cracks.
  • Hinge damages – Sometimes, one might get too excited and accidentally put too much force into opening a Mac; it might not immediately show. Still, through accumulation, a Mac might exhibit damages due to this.
  • Accidental slips or drops – Not carefully placing down or holding your Mac might cause it to slip and fall to the ground. In the worst-case scenario, it’ll be in pieces.
  • Water damages – Accidents often happen, and working with your Mac near sinks or bathtubs, or placing a cup of coffee or a glass of water near your device might invite accidental water contact.

For this article, we’ll be talking about water-damaged Macs. Some signs of your Mac getting damaged by water despite drying it are the following:

  • Corrosion of internal electrical connections caused by water slipping inside your Mac
  • Discoloration of other parts

Do take note that these signs aren’t immediately visible. It can take a few days to show up, and you might need to dismantle your Mac since it’ll be more visible on the inner components.

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How Much Does Apple Charge To Repair Mac

This might depend on the degree of water damage that your Mac acquired. Some claim that you’ll need a $299 service fee for the repair, while others say it ranges from $500 to $1500 as an overall sum. 

Apple Stores also wouldn’t repair hugely water-damaged Macs; it can be fixed if it’s not catastrophic impairment.


How to fix it?

Is it possible to fix a water damaged Mac? That might be hard; instead, you can try to determine and prevent more damage done by water by following these steps:

Step #1. See if it’s plugged in, be sure that this isn’t connected to any power source.

Step #2. You have limited time to save your important documents before turning them off.

Step #3. Remove the battery if it is doable. Make sure to disconnect other equipment connected to the Mac, such as the printer, scanner, earphones, or mouse.

Step #4. Using an absorbent cloth, wipe the outer surface dry as much as possible.

Step #5. Drain it by flipping your Mac into a tent-like position. It is to prevent the further spreading of water; be sure not to shake the device.

Step #6. While it is in a tent-like position if you see water or liquids gliding down, be sure to wipe it to aid in drying it. You can place this near your window for better airflow, be sure it’s not raining or it’s not under direct sunlight.

Step #7. Leave this for at least 48 hours; you can leave it for longer. Then you can turn it on and start checking each function of the Mac to see if certain parts have been affected by water.

Step #8. If you find that your Mac is working, you can start giving it a good cleaning. If you find certain functions not doing well, you may approach a professional for assistance.

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By all means, one should be able to safeguard their Mac from serious accidents. For this technological equipment that we rely on for work or studies, incidents that may cause damage to it might not just cost you money but also time and effort.

Be more cautious with handling a Mac. Have particular awareness of how to use it, where to safely place it, what you must not place near it, and how to take care of it.

You can try investing in a waterproof laptop cover with ventilation holes, a silicone keyboard cover, and a waterproof screen protector. Those are some helpful pieces of stuff for doubling the protection on your Mac.

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Hopefully, this article concerning how much does apple charge to fix water damaged mac was able to help you in some ways. Feel free to know more by exploring this website for more helpful content.

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