How Much Does A Bactrim Cost Without Insurance? 2 Important Factors You Should Take Note!

How much does a Bactrim cost without insurance? As far as your health is concerned, a Bactrim oral vial varying from 80-400 mg could cost as much as $160 for a hundred pieces. One of the main reasons we strive hard and work is to provide for the needs and wants of our family. Yes, getting them everything they need is what we pursue, but there are circumstances that you might need assistance when it comes to health emergencies.

It is of great advantage if you have insurance to back up your medical health needs at any time. For example, let’s say your doctor might have prescribed you medicine after your visit. You found out that you have symptoms of pneumonia and have to take Bactrim as prescribed by your doctor. Is Bactrim new to you? With this article, you’ll know what Bactrim is, its uses, and how much it costs without your insurance?

how much does a bactrim cost without insurance



If your doctor has prescribed you a Bactrim medication, it is good to know your medicine and its tendencies. So let’s start with knowing what a Bactrim is. Bactrim is a kind of antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. Some of these infections may include urinary, middle ear, respiratory, and intestinal infections. However, the said drug does not treat viral infections such as flu and colds.


Usage And Dosage

Since you know already that it is used to treat certain kinds of infections, your doctor might have prescribed you specific doses already. However, you could take the medication orally together with a full glass of water to make it go down smoothly. For a good response, it is well suggested to take medicine with food or any healthy fluids. Drinking lots of water and taking in foods abundant in fluids will help you digest the medicine.

The frequency or dosage of taking the medicine will vary depending on how your body will react to it or how much your doctor will prescribe you. Nevertheless, the starting dose of the solution is one to two vials a day.


Preparation Of The Solution

A Bactrim solution of 5 mL must be mixed and diluted in 125 mL water together with 5% dextrose combined. You should fully consume the solution within 4 to 6 hours.

If ever you see a cloudy solution or signs of crystallization, immediately discard the solution since it is a sign of an overdue medicine. Kindly prepare another and take it instead. Never add other drugs with the solution since it could affect its effectiveness. Always take your medicines at an equal interval of time. To help you remember that, you could set the alarm at every interval. Finally, remember to take the full prescription, or else everything will go out of place.


Side Effects

Upon taking the solution, you might feel some adverse effects from it. Some of these side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and a loss of appetite. Nevertheless, your doctor has prescribed you the medicine thinking that it will benefit your condition. You might also feel mental or mood swings with muscle weakness or shaking and your heart beating fast, which are the signs of a low blood sugar level. If these effects still occur together with severe headaches, seek medical attention right away.

If symptoms of the side effects don’t go away and keep on happening, it is best to consult your doctor with it and they will explain to you why it happens and possible things that you could do to lessen these side effects.


Bactrim in pregnancy and breastfeeding

It is advised not to use Bactrim if you are pregnant as it could affect the fetus’ development inside the womb. In addition, it has a risk of developing malformations and defects. If you happen to get pregnant while taking Bactrim, you should talk with your doctor about alternatives to avoid affecting the fetus.

It is also not recommended to take Bactrim while breastfeeding your child as it could also have risks associated with kernicterus and bilirubin displacement. It is best to bottle feed your baby during the treatment

Bactrim Cost Without Insurance; Factors Affecting The Price

So, how much does a Bactrim cost without insurance? A hundred pieces of Bactrim oral vial may cost you as much as $160. Although the price may vary under certain conditions and other determining factors such as the location or brand of the medicine.


Factor #1. Pharmacy and location

The price of the said medicine may differ depending on the pharmacy where you bought it. Some pharmacies may offer different prices of Bactrim also based on the location. This factor is also applicable when buying allergy shots. Here is the cost of allergy shots without insurance.


Factor #2. Brand

Bactrim is one of many brands for sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim injection for intravenous infusion. Some US brand names include Bactrim, Septra, and Sulfatrim. Each of which could differ in price. Their price ranges from 75 – 160 dollars per bottle.



Nothing beats the joy of knowing and seeing your family happy and living healthy, don’t you agree? But, as much as we would love to let them stay that way, we can’t help it if they get sick for some reason. That also applies to yourself. If your doctor prescribes you medicine, take the full prescription.

No more thoughts of “How much does a Bactrim cost without insurance?” now that you have an idea of how much it would cost. You may be worried about the risks associated, but it has been prescribed for you as it would benefit you the most. Medicines are quite pricey. That’s why it would help if you avail insurance. Here is another article to learn how much Spironolactone is without insurance.

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