How Much Are Allergy Shots Without Insurance? 4 Awesome Factors You Should Know!

Are you getting your allergy shots uninsured and pondered, how much are allergy shots without insurance? These days, the average cost of allergy shots without insurance is estimated to be $100 for ten shots alone.

In a year, you may be able to spend an average of $720 to $1800 for allergy shots without health insurance. Moreover, if you are uninsured, you have to pay the allergy serum and visitation costs separately, which costs higher than those insured.

how much are allergy shots without insurance

Allergy shots are used to decrease the patient’s allergic reactions and are given every week to gradually increase the body’s response and tolerance against the allergens. These are administered to the patient until they become comfortable, with a constant shot given every month for at least three years.

As allergy shots are included under the allergen immunotherapy, it is a long-term treatment where the total amount of money spent on these is higher, especially when you have no insurance than those who had their insurance. Read on as we discuss the factors about the cost of allergy shots for uninsured patients.


Factors To Know How Much Are Allergy Shots Without Your Insurance

Your physician might prescribe you to take allergy shots because of your severe allergy symptoms. These allergy shots improve one’s immune system by consistently injecting small amounts of allergen, thus making it a lifetime treatment. Because it is a lifetime treatment, the cost for the shots would be high for those uninsured patients.

With that, here are the four factors on how much are allergy shots without insurance:


Factor #1. Cost of allergy serum

The allergy shot payment has two parts: allergy serum and consultation cost. So, the price of the allergy serum is about $100 for every ten shots. When you have to take the shots every week, expect about $1560 to $3900 in a year.

However, if the shots you need are only given twice a month, or sometimes once, the yearly expenses for allergy serum alone would range from $720 to $1800.

Though your medical expenses are high, mainly that you are uninsured, taking allergy shots is essential. These shots develop your body’s tolerance against the allergens, the substances that trigger the symptoms for people who suffer from allergies. As the doctor administers the allergy shots weekly, they also increase the dosage to test the body’s response.

When the response of the patient’s body has been determined, the shot given has a constant dosage which is administered monthly. Additionally, these allergy shots are provided for at least three years, so if you are uninsured, expect that the least amount of money you can spend on allergy serum alone would range from about $2160 up to $5400.


Factor #2. Cost of the administration of the injection

Whenever a person needs a medical professional to administer the injection, there is always a fee. For instance, without insurance, the price for administering the allergy shot would be around $20 to $100 every visit. The payment would depend on the number of shots injected into the patient and whether a doctor or a nurse administered it.

When you have insurance, you can save up to 50 to 75 percent of the fees, which means that you will only pay $10 to $25 as long as you are insured.

If you take the shots every week, expect that your expenses for the health professional administering the injection would be around $1040 to $5200 in a year. The fees are way higher than the expenses of insured patients, which only range from about $500 to $1300, with $800 as the average cost.

Lastly, the price drops at $170 to $290 for insured patients for every succeeding year, which only sums up to $800 to $2500 for the entire treatment.


Factor #3. Dosage of the allergy shot

As we mentioned previously, the fees for the allergy shot without insurance also depend on the dosage that one has to take. There is one stage called the buildup phase during the allergy immunotherapy, where the dosage is gradually increased to test the patient’s response to the allergy serum. The effective dose for allergy immunotherapy in the buildup phase is usually administered one to three times per week, lasting for about three to seven months, depending on the patient’s immunity.

There is another stage after the buildup phase, and it is called the maintenance phase. The shots are given in a constant maintenance dosage administered once a month, lasting for three to seven years. When patients suffer from a recurrence of their allergies, they still need additional shots even after three to five years of initial treatment. So, expect to spend more than the average cost of allergy shots for uninsured patients discussed above.


Final Tips!

And those are the three factors on how much are allergy shots without insurance! Taking your treatments without insurance could be expensive, especially if it is a long-term treatment. The fees also cause so much stress giving your health a harmful effect, which would result in another medical treatment later on. So, learn how to buy insurance that will provide you peace of mind.

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