How Much DAV Donation Goes To Veterans? 4 Easy Ways To Donate To Dav!

How much DAV donation goes to veterans? According to their annual report conducted in 2020, they have reached 82.9% of the donation that goes to the beneficiaries directly. You are probably one of the people who have a relative that serves the military or a family of military personnel. Or you can just be somebody that appreciates the work of our heroes.

Well, whatever the case is, you want to help them. The people in the military are our front liners when it comes to defense. They protect the country from invaders or from other foreign armed forces that threaten peace.

How much DAV donation goes to veterans

It is not a surprise that they come out scathed after the wars. But since they have well protected the country before they get disabled, don’t they deserve to live a free life after it? This is where charities like DAV come in. these charities aim to help the heroes of the war and the veterans who fought for justice and peace. Are you ready to learn about them?



DAV or most commonly known as the Disabled American Veterans, is a charitable fund trust. It is intended for the American people who have been in service in the military and are now in retirement. The charitable trust also supports disabled, ill, wounded veterans that need psychological or mental health care. Not only will their medical needs be catered but rehabilitation and health matters as well.

The charity was founded in the early ’20s by the US Congress. For more than a century now, DAV has been considered to be one of the best veteran charities that serve the heroes of America, their families, and the survivors of the war.



The primary beneficiaries of this trust are the military veterans who have served America until they can. It includes those who are injured and are mentally traumatized by the war. It also includes food provision, shelter, and other life necessities. The accessibility for veterans with hearing and sight impairment is included in the list of rehabilitation priorities of the said charity.



The purpose of DAV is to support the beneficiaries in their way of life after serving the government military forces. It is a way to appreciate their efforts in protecting the country against other armed forces.


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How To Donate To DAV

If you wish to donate to DAV, you might be wondering how much DAV donation goes to veterans? Well, it is only natural to wonder and do your homework to find out everything about the charity you are aiming to help. No one wants their help to go to waste, do we? Even if the charity aims to help the people who served the military throughout their lives, DAV doesn’t get government funding. Their programs and projects are solely dependent on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and other people who are kind enough to share their blessings.

As such, the charity is mindful of how much of the donation goes to the beneficiaries. They have been striving to fulfill their mission to ensure that all disabled veterans get the life they deserve with both respect and dignity.


Donating To DAV

If you are aiming to donate to DAV, there are four easy ways to give. One is for pick up, a store drops off, through the donation bin, and mail-a-bag project. You could choose which method is more convenient for you.


#1. Pick-up

If you wish to donate through their pick-up system, they have a scheduled pick-up from Mondays to Fridays from 8 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. You could dial the numbers (757)877-0999 for Peninsula pickups and (757)461-4938 for Southside locations.


#2. Store drop off

If you wish to drop your donations off, they have stores to cater to that method. If you want to see the locations where the drop-off points are stationed, click through this link, and it will display the drop-off locations on your screen.


#3. Donation bin

Donation bins can be found in your areas, such as convenience stores and malls. You could give your donation by dropping them off in the donation bins. The pick-up team of DAV also collects them at the end of the day. Know where to find donation bins


#4. Mail-a-bag

If you have received an envelope that contains a blue bag inside that is from the DAV. They also accept the donations given in that bag. So you just have to fill the bag with your gifts of any kind, and they will gladly pick it up for you.


Avoid Being Scammed

Now, there were a lot of instances from the past that some organizations tried to intentionally and unintentionally use DAV’s name to raise their funds. Well, DAV sure has a reputation to uphold since they’ve been helping veterans for over a century now. If you ever have a question about the legitimacy of DAV or organizations that use its name, you could contact the National Headquarters at 877-426-2838. If you have received some fishy requests that use DAV’s name, don’t hesitate to call the number. 


How Trustworthy Is DAV?

When it comes to trust rates, DAV boasts about their expense and tax return transparency. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance or BBBWGA, whose transparency is well seen. They also let the donors know their annual report of their accomplishments to keep them posted.



To answer the question How much DAV donation goes to veterans you have probably read that 82% of it goes to the beneficiaries as much as possible. The remaining percentage is spent on their operations and staff. Although it is not much for their charity work is trustworthy. It may be a good thing to read related articles; know how to setup a paypal donation and how to record a donation in QuickBooks.

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