Who Will Pick Up A Piano For A Donation? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you have any idea who will pick up a piano for a donation? It is good news for all the donors because several sects are willing to accept such donations.

Perhaps you are concerned that your piano will just be neglected for the rest of its life, and because of that, you have come up with a brilliant idea, that is, to donate it. If that is you, then you are commendable for such selflessness and wise decision. 

who will pick up a piano for a donation

While many people have already neglected their old piano, you must preserve its value. And you cannot do that by just keeping it inside your house as a display only.  It is indeed a great choice to donate it, mainly because others could still use it. This article will look at how you can donate your piano and who will pick it up. Don’t you worry, it will be easy? Just be sure to read every detail in this article for you to be aided.


Steps To Pick Up A Piano For A Donation

Of course, you have to undergo steps – which are very simple – for you to donate your piano successfully. You must make sure that the piano can be accepted.


Step #1. Ensure the state of your piano

In other words, you have to check its current condition. It is the donor’s job to do this because it will be a hassle for most companies or foundations where you can donate it. If you think you need a profound understanding of the mechanism and skeleton of the piano, you are wrong. You just simply have to do your best to check some of the parts – most importantly, the physical condition of the piano. 

Also, assuming that you have been using the piano before, you know where or which part is acting weird. First, check the appearance of the piano if it has visible damages. Next, you must make sure that all keys are working correctly. How can you check that? Simple. Just press each of them. It is also better to check if each key sounds perfect. That is, it is tuned right. You can check that by downloading a tuner application with your phone. 

After that, ensure that the pedals are present and are functioning according to their assignment. If there are not that good functions, and you cannot fix it yourself, then just be honest with the person or group that will accept your donation. Here is a piano donation process


Step #2. Indicate the style and model of the piano

Upon applying to donate the piano, you must include the type and model of the piano in the information that you post. You can search the web for the different types and models of piano, but we will tackle some of them here. If your piano looks narrow, and within it are strings that are in a vertical position, then that is called an upright piano. On the other hand, the Grand piano is wide and flat, and inside it is horizontal strings. Regarding the model, you can discover it by investigating the body of your piano. You will see the name of the brand and other information about the piano there, and remember to take note of these.


Step #3. Specify where you want to donate the piano

Pianos are bulky and are not easy to transfer, and that is one thing that you should keep in mind as you donate such instruments. Maybe you want to donate it as soon as possible. Aware that it takes time to find people who would love to accept your donation, you must contact a company such as Goodwill. If you are planning to keep it in your locality, then you must put effort into searching for people in your locality. You can even ask for help from people who are inclined with music for they have friends


Who Are The Potential Pickers For Piano Donation

Who will pick up a piano for a donation? Well, we will discuss some of them in this section. One of the potential pickers for a piano donation would be a school. You can search each of them in your locality or even outside. Another prominent selector would be the native music stores in your area, for they can connect you quickly with the local people who want to have a piano. Next are churches. Such regions are using piano very often and may need an extra or a better one. 

Of course, included on the list are recreational hubs. They will likely accept it if they have a vast space. We also have foundations, such as the Beethoven Foundation, which aims to get pianos from the owner without means. However, it will take a little longer for them to do so, but they’ll handle tuning and moving.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned who will pick up a piano for a donation. You see, it’s no great work; you just have to do a little research to do it successfully. Thank you for reading up to this point. Your time and effort are very much appreciated! Also, read about  how to build a clothing donation box and what is a donation drive.

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