How Much Are Commercial Washers And Dryers? 4 Important Factors You Should Know!

A laundry business generates good revenue in all seasons, calculating how much are commercial washers and dryers. It is vital if you plan to set up a Laundromat to earn some good income because jumping into some business without calculating the exact cost could be vital be risky enough to leave you bankrupt. 

The laundry business grows in a town where most residents are college students. They mostly live in hostels or someone’s house as paying guests and cannot wash the clothes themselves.

Heavy-duty commercial washing machine prices vary in terms of their reliability and features. Before purchasing commercial washers and dryers, you must determine what type suits you best. 


Decide By Considering Payment Method

How much are commercial washers and dryers? For the topic, let us learn the payment methods first. Payment method needs to be most suitable according to your ease and comfort. The two main types of payment systems in a laundry machine are:


Method #1. Coin-operated

Coin-operated washing machines will suit you well by offering laundry services at tourist attractions like hilltops or famous beaches. It will be easier for your customers to provide cash and coins at a distance from their homes than buy a thoughtful card to pay for the laundry.


Method #2. Card-operated

Card-operated washers and dryers are easy to monitor. They make it convenient for you and your customers to go through a cash-free system. They will not have to worry about change and loose coins. 

In addition, you will also find it safe and comfortable to track the payments by receiving notifications. But, then, you have to install a card value center inside your place for customers to refill their smart cards by using cash or credit cards.


Purchasing The Commercial Washers And Dryer

After determining the washers and dryers as coin or card-operated, the next is to decide on a company that offers the most dependable and innovative washers and dryers. Here are the top three companies with their price range.


Maytag washer and its price

Maytag is an American company producing reliable and long-lasting commercial washer and dryer series for ages. They offer a variety of washers and dryers depending on the load capacity, washing time, and energy-saving structure.

The price range of Maytag washers and dryers varies from 900 to 2200 dollars.


Speed queen washer and its price

Speed queen manufactures top-quality, challenging, and reliable washers and dryers that optimize the washing experience. Their sustainable quality washing appliances will give a fresh look to your laundry. Speed queen commercial washing machine or dryer’s price ranges from 900 to 2600 dollars.


Whirlpool washer and its price

Thousands of customers have trusted the whirlpool company over the years. Their eco-friendly washers and dryers elevate the profit rate of your business.

You have to pay between 800 to 1800 dollars per machine. And that’s it for the prices. On the other hand, you might want to stop by and learn “How to remove odor from washing machine?


How Much Money Do Expensive Machines Save You?

Suppose you find the prices of these washers higher than your budget and planning to buy less expensive machines. Unfortunately, you are on the wrong track. The inexpensive machine costs you more in the long run than high-quality, expensive machines that make you tension-free about their maintenance.


Factors That Will Cost You More

Over time, the prices of products start to rise. So, if you want to buy a new washer and dryer, make sure to make yourself aware that these few factors will cost you more in the form of utilities and repair. 


#1. Utilities

  • Inexpensive dryers consume 25-40% more gas than a high-standard dryer
  • You cannot run your washer and dryer without electricity. However, top-rated machines use 40% less electricity than a low-quality washer
  • Different types of washing machines use an additional amount of water-based on their built (for example, an agitator top-load machine uses 19-26 gallons of water)
  • On the other hand, a front-load machine uses 7 gallons of water in each load (if you go for a top-load machine because of its low price, all of our savings will consume in paying the water bills of that machine)
  • High-quality machines have automatic water sensors that detect the laundry’s load capacity and size, adjusting the amount of water resulting in minimum usage and low utility bills


#2. Load capacity

The load capacity of less expensive washers compact washers varies from 1.7 to 2.3 cubic feet. On the other hand, a large-capacity washer has a total of 5 cubic feet.

Due to this reason, a high-capacity washer can wash more clothes in one go than a compact one. Thus, it saves a lot of energy in electricity and labor costs. On the other hand, here is a helpful article you’d want to read, “Washing machine prices are starting to rise.


#3. Repair Cost

You cannot overlook the repair and maintenance cost of the washers and dryers because there are always problems with the machines that you have to solve by calling a repair company. Cheaper machines have cheaper parts, and their replacement seems to be pocket-friendly.

But they won’t last long, and you have to call the repair company more frequently.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know “How much are commercial washers and dryers?” There is no need to cringe if you are passionate and planning to start a business. It is good to invest in laundry machines as it is an all-season business. And for another helpful article, here’s “How to use a washer?

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