Pest Business 101: How Many Pest Control Companies In The US

Wherever you are, there is always a solution for your pest problems with how many pest control companies in the US today. Even if the signs are not posing as a severe infestation, it would be best to call a professional immediately to exterminate the problem right away.

If you are unaware of how pest control companies can help you, keep reading this article.

how many pest control companies in the us


What Do Pest Control Companies Do?

Pest companies handle all of the pest problems at home and other establishments. They deal with several infestations, including:

  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Mosquitos
  • Wasps
  • Beetles
  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Roaches

Usually, they start with the assessment and create a plan depending on the type and level of infestation you have at home. The good thing about working with them is their intricate service that will eradicate the problem down to the source, so it would not start again after a few weeks.

They will check all possible places during the assessment, such as sewers and garbage. They will then discuss it with you, alongside the procedures they will be doing, costs, preventions, and potential health risks of the situation.

The extermination usually lasts for a couple of months before it is done, but it still depends on the pest you have at home. To have an idea as to how long does pest control last, check out this helpful article. 


How Many Pest Control Companies Are In The US?

As of recent statistics, there are 28,512 Pest Control businesses and enterprises in the US today. The number increased by 2.9% from 2021.

They are more concentrated in the Northeastern and Southern States, but they are most likely present across the USA. National companies have an average of over $100 million, while local pest control companies and businesses have it under $5 million.

It is estimated that there are 121,472 employees in the industry, and it is only expanding from that. Of course, this has something to do with the increasing number of infestations across different states and regions. 

If you are dealing with pest problems right now, then be sure to check out which pest control company is the best and will resolve your pest-related issues. 


What Makes A Good Pest Control Company?

If you are still unsure with which company is the best to work with your current pest problems, here are the things that make a good pest control company:


1. License

To ensure that you will only get a quality service, be sure to check if the pest management company has the proper license and insurance to operate. These companies use pesticides, chemical fumigants, and poisons to do their job, so they must have the correct certification.

You can check by asking them questions about the company through inquiry or visiting their websites for more details. You can usually see online reviews and look out for how good and effective their treatments are and if they have efficient customer service. 


2. Evaluation process

Upon contacting a company that offers pest control services, they will ask you a few questions regarding your concern and guide you with the suspected infestation. The questions are often in the form of:

  • Where have you seen the pests?
  • What kind of pests do you think the potential infestation is?

They should offer a free consultation. The technician will then come to your home to see where the infestation might be.

You will be asked to point out the areas you think might be affected by the problem, both in the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The full inspection covers the interior and exterior parts of the home and looks for the signs of nests and feces in the surrounding areas. They will also look for the contributing factors that possibly started the infestation.

After that, they will start discussing the problems with you alongside the quote and report that outlines the treatment plan. This is the part where you should ask questions about anything regarding the extermination.


3. Preparation

A good company should advise you on the necessary steps to take before the extermination begins. This usually varies depending on the cause of the problem.

They will also ask you to carry out initial actions, such as cleaning the area and removing household items that may be in the way. If other animals live in the house, they should advise you to remove them to prevent the chemicals from causing a health risk.


4. Arrival

You and the pest control company should arrange a time for them to arrive on a specific day, and they should arrive on time. If they somehow got delayed or postponed, a good company should inform you of the situation and the rescheduling of the appointment that suits you.


5. Identification

Look for an identification with the company details from the technician that the company has sent to your home. Not everyone can easily be an exterminator, and most companies require a criminal background check and drug tests from their applicants.

This is due to the tasks of the job, which include entering one person’s house and using poisons to exterminate the pests. They are also trained to evaluate and handle such situations effectively.



With how many pest control companies in the US today, it’s hard to choose which one will help you get through your pest-related problems. You can use the guide we prepared above to ensure you are working with a good company.

Remember, if you spot a potential infestation, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help to solve the problem immediately.

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