Dealing With Pests: Which Pest Control Company Is The Best?

There is a lot of excellent pest control out there, but which pest control company is the best? Knowing which company has good service is one way to make sure you spend your money right.

Pests are pests, and they are annoying if you have them in your house. You should do something to get rid of them, or your home and health might get affected.

which pest control company is the best

Sure, there is a D.I.Y. solution that you can do, but contacting a pest control company could save you time and energy and give you tips on preventing pests from coming again.


Why Are There Pests Inside Our Home?

Pests are attracted to warm air, moisture, food, and light, soured mop and drink spoils inside your home can also attract pests. They tend to seek shelter and protection in dark cavities within your home, so if you ever want to seek where the problems inside your home are hiding, it is best if you check dark pits or spaces inside your house.

In summary, if your house has minimum to no frequent cleaning and has dark spaces pests can crawl in, expect that they will take shelter inside your home.


How To Prevent Pests Inside Your Home

Pests are a nuisance, have an adequate effect on your health, food, and could also damage your house. So you should maintain your home pest-free as much as possible.

Removing all food, water, and shelter while ensuring that the house is clean is one way to prevent pests. Also, disposing of garbage regularly, closing the lid tightly, and closing any crevices or cracks inside your home can prevent pests infestation.

If the nuisances inside your home are related to humidity, here are some articles on “should you get mold inspection when buying a house” and “how to pressure wash a house with mildew”.


Best Pest Control Company

Here are the six best pest control companies you can call for a pest problem.


1. Termix

Termix is a company with over 90 years of experience in the field. Due to its long history and service to 45 states, its name is a staple in the pest control industry. 

They offer customer service online and have an efficient real-time chat response.


2. Orkin

Orkin is a pest control company with over 120 years of experience in the market. With a coverage of 47 states, they sure can solve your pest issue.

Orkin has a 30-day money-back guarantee, free re-visit between treatment if pest returns, and last service refund if they cannot solve the pest problem. Orkin can assure you excellent service and quality control with all these perks.

They also give an urgent service if you call before 2 pm for same-day service.


3. Aptive

Although Aptive is relatively new to the market (founded in 2015), this pest company is growing fast and has availability in 30 states. Aptive also uses eco-friendly services against pests.

Aptive also donates a portion of their income to the United Nations’ Nothing But Nets Campaign that targets to stop the spread of malaria in different countries. 

Aptive is also a member of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship of EPA. It is a program that targets to reduce the risks of pesticides in non-agricultural and agricultural settings.

With a company that offers great service and vision, Aptive sure is taking the pest control market by storm.


4. Bulwark

Bulwark is a pest control company with 22 years of experience that offers general pest and termite control in 12 states. They have the best customer service, and many reviews say that they value professionalism above all. 

Their 60-day 100% money-back guarantee and anti-no-show promise offer free service if your specialist doesn’t show up on the appointment within the time window. With these benefits and customer service, Bulwark is slowly making its name known to the market.


5, Rentokil

Rentokil is available in 46 states and treats a variety of pests. They are also quality pro and green pro certified, offering drone disinfection for high traffic areas.

Rentokil only offers services to business and commercial accounts. Due to their reliability and wide range of services, they are highly recommended to eliminate your pest problem inside your commercial place.

However, Rentokil’s pest control brands such as Ehrlich, Anderson Pest Solutions, Presto X, Western Exterminator, and Oliver Exterminating can provide residential services around the country.


6. Critter Control

Available in 37 states, Critter Control specializes in wildlife pests rather than household pests. If you have wildlife pests lingering around your area, Critter Control is the one you need.

Rest assured that Critter control does not harm any wildlife they come across. They use CritterSafe, a safe and humane solution to your wildlife pests.

The CritterSafe includes:

  • One-way trap doors
  • Reuniting offspring to their parents
  • Using eco-friendly repellents to prevent animals from coming back

They also offer prevention services to remove entry points and cleanup of animal feces, disinfection, sanitation, and minor damage home repair.



Now, you have an idea of which pest control company is the best. You can directly contact these companies and solve your pests issue within your home. 

These pest control companies are different from one another, so choose a company that can accommodate your needs.

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