How Many Lumens is a Candle

Have you heard of the word “lumens” before? Maybe something related to candles, lights, and such? If not, let us tackle lumens, how many lumens is a candle, and many more!

Lumens are everything in lighting. But what precisely are lumens? And how do you know what lumens are in light bulbs and light fixtures? 

how many lumens is a candle

Lumens is currently finding out how brilliant an illuminated bulb or integrated LED lighting fixture is. In addition to being the Internet’s best modern lighting and design retailer. And if you want an institution with a brilliant, glowing personality, this is the key to selecting the ideal component for your lighting system.


How Many Lumens is a Candle?

It is critical to understand that a lumen is analogous to an energy source. Lumens per square foot or footcandles are obtained when lumens are focused onto or through an area. The metric unit for lumens per square meter is the lux; one footcandle equals 10.76 lux.


What is Candlepower?

If you are interested in how many lumens is a candle, then you might have also encountered the term candlepower. Candlepower is defined by the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) as light intensity expressed in lumens per steradian. The development of the term footcandle may help to clarify such a detailed description. 

A candle was the most practical early light source. If such a thing existed, it logically implies that some early scientists devised a standard candle of a specific diameter. These can be a traditional wick and utilize standard beeswax. 

The work culminated in the development of an early standardized light source. Candlepower refers to the ability of a standard candle to create light, whereas luminance refers to a light source. You can perceive a brightness of one candlepower or “candela” if one looks straight at the candle flame.

Assume that light travels and passes through a one-square-foot imaginary frame that is exactly one foot from the flame. If this square foot is opaque, it is lighted by the light of a single candle. You should hold such a candle at a distance of one foot.


How Do Lumens and Watts Differ?

Lumens and watts indicate different things and cannot be compared. It is like comparing a pound of apples to a gallon of milk – the measures are vastly different. However, you can approximate how many lumens a specific watt bulb would emit. 

A 100-watt incandescent light, for example, provides around 1600 lumens. In the realm of LED lighting, a 26-watt bulb produces the same number of lumens. So the next time you sit around on your bed, think about how many lumens your nightlamp is. 

Why is there so much misconception regarding watts and lumens? When incandescent lights were the dominant illumination source in homes and workplaces, you measured them in watts. Though watts indicated the amount of electricity consumed, people began to link them with brightness.

It was because everyone understood that a 100-watt light was brighter than a 40-watt bulb. However, this correlation is no longer valid with the advent of LED, CFL, and other more energy-efficient lighting choices on the market. So if you are curious as to how many lumens is a candle, also consider the term watts.

Certainly, lumens are the better metric when it comes to LEDs. Use lumens to choose the correct lighting for your next project, considering greater lumens indicate a brighter light. If you’re seeking brilliant, efficient LED lighting, HyLite LED Lighting has the answers you’re looking for.


What Is the Meaning of Lumens in LED Lighting?

Measuring a light’s brightness is more significant than measuring its power. You measured the quantity of power consumed by traditional incandescent lamps in watts. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light. 

Greater wattage does not necessarily equal more light, unless you stick to the same kind of bulb. Now that there are so many energy-efficient lighting options on the market. As a result, the brightness of LED lighting is measured in lumens.

Lumens are a handy unit for determining how many lights to purchase for your business. Most facilities have a minimum need for good visibility. Therefore, calculating how many lights you need in lumens is the only way to determine how many lights you need. 


What Should You Look for in a Package? Label of Lighting Facts

The Federal Trade Commission requires manufacturers to put a light bulb product label on the packaging to assist consumers. In addition, it helps consumers in purchasing the proper lightbulbs. The Lighting Facts label, like the valuable nutrition label on food goods, assists consumers in understanding what they are buying. 


  • Lumens are units of brightness.
  • Annual energy cost estimate (similar to the EnergyGuide label)
  • Lifespan
  • As measured by correlated color temperature (CCT) on the Kelvin (K) scale, for example, your light ranges from warm to cool.


Conclusion on How Many Lumens is a Candle

As you buy Christmas lights for the season, keep in mind the term lumens. Likewise, with candles, you will also ask yourself how many lumens is a candle. With this, you can now pick out the proper lighting to also fit with your curtains.

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