How To Use A Candle Warmer

Isn’t it relaxing to just sit on your recliner and enjoy the aroma of lavender? But, if you are scared of lighting your curtains on fire because of candles, try candle warmers. That is why we will tackle how to use a candle warmer.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a wax warmer, you might want to understand more about what they are and how they function. When and why were these gadgets invented? How can you make the most of them to get the most bang for your buck and improve your living space? 

how to use a candle warmer

This comprehensive guide on how to use a candle warmer will teach you everything you need to know. For starters, let us get to know the basics. It is crucial to know what candle warmers are to understand how to use a candle warmer.


What are Candle Warmers

You can use a candle warmer or wax warmer in place of a scented candle. It is often filled with scented wax melts similar in smell and material structure to regular candles. However, it lacks a wick and, in most cases, a flame. 

They can be less explosive than candles depending on the model. Thus, making them an appealing choice for candle-lovers who wish to minimize the hazards of fire in the house. With this, you can still enjoy the warmth, aroma, and atmosphere of scented wax.


Using a Candle Warmer vs. Lighting a Candle

There are various advantages to both sides of the candle warmer vs. candle burning argument. For starters, the candle market is vast and only growing. Even if a huge section of the globe switched from traditional candles to candle warmers, the candle industry would continue to thrive. 

It means that candles are far more common than candle warmers. Another advantage of utilizing a candle is that it may create a more traditional, homey atmosphere in your house than a candle warmer. The flame produces the appearance of warmth, making your home appear warmer and more appealing than only having the aroma from the candle warmer.

A candle warmer, on the other hand, provides several advantages. It is not flammable, ideal if you have children, pets, or a forgetful mind. In addition, candle warmers pose virtually little risk. 

Furthermore, the smells emitted by a candle warmer frequently stay longer. It is excellent if you are on a tight budget. We’ve established that there are significant distinctions between candle warmers and burning candles.


How To Use A Candle Warmer


Overhead Warmers

One type of candle warmer has a powerful halogen light streaming down from above on the candle. A gooseneck stem with a light at the end that extends from the base up above the candle is included with these warmers. A glass cover protects the light.

From the top, the light melts the wax in the candle. It immediately releases the aroma, but it also leaves molten wax in reach of toddlers. Finally, the lights burn out and must be changed, costing between $7 and $12, depending on the specific model.


Hot Plate Warmers

Another sort of candle warmer is a hot plate or coffee cup warmer. These little electric warmers plug into a wall socket to heat a 3- or 4-inch Teflon hot plate. Candles placed on top begin to melt from the bottom, enabling the odor to escape.

Although they are marketed as candle warmers, you may also use them to warm soup, coffee, or other liquids in cups. They are simple to use, need minimal maintenance, and are reasonably priced. However, they are not ornamental and take longer to emit perfume.


Bottom Light Warmers

A standard light bulb is placed in a ceramic or metal container with a bowl on top to create a light warmer. The bowl is either filled with fragrant wax “candle” chips or holds a candle. The smell is released when the wax warms and melts due to the electric light. 

The chips are less expensive and more adaptable than complete candles. Warmers with a fan to spread smell are one of the various varieties.


Wax Melt Warmer and Jar Candle Warmers in One

You may use the wax melt heater or remove it and use the jar candle warmer with this type of candle warmer. It’s the same as if you were using a bottom-up plate warmer. These are similar to plate warmers in that they heat any wax melts you may have.


How Long Before The Wax Melts?

A wax melt’s usage time varies depending on the size and form of the wax, also the type of warmer you are using. There are those that last a few days for a short duration each day. Others might last up to ten hours at a time or over a few weeks when used regularly. 

Some warmers and melts enable you to pour molten wax back into the warmer and remelt it. They might not be as visually appealing or structurally sound the second time around. During the second cycle, the aroma may be less intense or perhaps unnoticeable.



There are several ways on how to use a candle warmer, given that there are many kinds. With these, you can have the comfort of lavender in your room while being safe from a fire.

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