How Long Does A Motor On An Adjustable Bed Last? 5 Best Features!

Are you curious about how long does a motor on an adjustable bed lasts?

Overall, an adjustable bed has an estimated life expectancy of 10 years.

how long does a motor on an adjustable bed lasts

Many of you would ask if the motor of an adjustable bed could stay for the same number of years.

The answer is no.

It could last up to 5 years, depending on the usage and how you maintain it.

So, make use of your adjustable bed motor until the very end.

This article will provide you all the information about adjustable bed motors.

So, read on!


What Is An Adjustable Bed Motor?

Adjustable beds are designed to resemble hospital beds and would be very convenient if you have a patient in your home.

Individuals can adjust these beds manually in the past.

But due to the advanced technology and engineering, brands incorporated motors in the construction.

We could use it to power the head or foot of the bed to be elevated through the hinges depending on the person’s preferences.

To know how long does a motor on an adjustable bed last.

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Feature #1. Cost

These motors range from $20-$35, depending on their size.

When buying a motor, make sure to check its quality or if it’s second-hand.

This defective product might damage your adjustable bed base more if the product is fake.


Feature #2. Location

We can find adjustable bed motors on the adjustable bed base.

You can locate it at the bottom or by following the wire from the control box.


Feature #3. Electricity consumed

Though it needs electricity to power the head and foot of the bed, it does take much electricity.

You don’t have to worry about your bills when using the electrical bed.

But if you still want to be practical and save energy, directly unplug the bed when not in use.


Feature #4. Life expectancy

Since it’s an electrical component, it would last for about five years only.

After that, however, we can replace it.

If it’s not taken care of, it would only last for a short period.

So, if you’re trying to save money and don’t want to damage the motor, you should take good care of it.

One of the most common causes of broken motors is there is too much pressure applied to them.

How is this possible?

People with adjustable beds shouldn’t sit directly to where the adjustable bed motor is located.

They do not work like study bases that can endure the person’s weight, but they can power the adjustable features of the bed.


Feature #5. Warranty

The warranty depends on the brand and model of your bed.

But since the motors have a maximum life expectancy of 5 years, the warranty is also the same.

So, if you damaged the motor within these five years, you can still ask for a replacement or maintenance.

However, when the warranty period is finished, you can replace it on your own.

Or ask a professional for some tips and advice on what motor should you buy and where you can buy it, including how to fix it.


How To Replace An Adjustable Bed Base Motor

So, if you just finished your warranty period and didn’t know how to replace your adjustable bed motor.

We’re here to make things easier.


Step #1. Find an adjustable bed motor

So, in finding a motor, the easiest way is to match it with the brand and model of your bed base.

Specifically, find a motor similar to your existing or malfunctioned motor.

For example, if you have an L300 adjustable bed base from a Lucid mattress.

You should buy a motor that is for an L300 adjustable bed.

And make sure that it’s not fake and has the same quality as a newly bought bed.


Step #2. Clear out your bed

To make things easier, you need to have a clear working space.

First, remove your mattress and pillows since you will have to flip your bed base later on.


Step #3. Unplug

To prevent any electrical accidents, unplug the primary wire of the adjustable bed base.

Next, locate the control box at the bottom of the bed base.

Remove the cable securing clip and determine which is the plug for the motor.

Remove the cable from the box and detach it from the securing clips of the bed base.


Step #4. Locate and remove the defective motor

If your bed has adjustment features in both the head and foot, there are times when the bed comes with two motors.

So, locate which motor you should replace.

Detach the motor from the base by removing the bolts and cotter pins located at each end of the device.

Lastly, remove the old and damaged motor gently.


Step #5. Replace

Assemble and place the motor between the brackets and insert brand new cotter pins and bolts.

Seal them tightly to secure the motor to the base.


Step #6. Plug it on

Connect the motor cable to the control box and secure it using the cable clip.

And plug the adjustable bed base into the outlet.


Step #7. Test the function

Using your remote control, test the motor if it’s functioning well.

If you turned your bed base earlier, return it to its original position.

And test the adjustment features of your bed base again.

If you still have multiple questions or problems, or if your motor does not work.

Contact an expert or the customer service of your adjustable bed brand.



And that concludes the article, “how long does a motor on an adjustable bed last?”

If you know how to take care of it properly and maintain it, there’s no doubt that it would last long.

You may communicate with the team from the brand if you have further concerns.

Keep safe!

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