How To Assemble Serta Adjustable Bed Motors? 11 Easy Steps!

How to assemble Serta adjustable bed motors? There are some steps you need to know listed below.

Serta adjustable bed motor is an adjustable bed with a wireless remote that allows you to adjust the bed’s head or foot section.

how to assemble Serta adjustable bed motors

It helps you achieve your desired sleeping position.

And adjustable beds are very convenient since it is made with the help of our technological advancements.

Serta adjustable bed motor has different available sizes.

So, it can cater to your needs.

If you want to know how to assemble your Serta adjustable bed base, keep on reading!


Steps To Assemble A Serta Adjustable Bed Motors

Remember, when constructing, relocating, or flipping the bed motors, always employ two or more persons.

That will make the work easier and will ensure the safety of the bed base.

So, how to assemble Serta adjustable bed motors?


Step #1. Unboxing

Place the bed foundation box with the bottom facing up in the selected area in your home.

Next, remove the binding ropes or knots.

Be careful not to damage the box with sharp objects.


Step #2. Getting the product out

As you get the bed motor from the box, make sure that the base is facing upwards.

If you failed to do this, you will damage the product.


Step #3. Assembling

The head and foot parts should be pushed together and aligned.

Ensure that the posts are in the center of the base.

Install and secure the steel plates to the bed bade using the washers, bolts, and nuts.

Then, align the steel plate to the frame and holes of the bed motor.

The little curve in the connecting plate should be towards the base deck.

Next, slide the bolts through the plate and frame.

Finally, tighten the bolts with a wrench.


Step #4. Attaching the leg threads

Align the middle leg threads and place the cushioned shroud in position.

Next, screw each of the six legs into place.

You will need to slip the upholstered base of the foot section back into place if it falls apart.

Then, hold the frame at an angle to allow the trackable to slip into the poster frame rail.

Slowly move and align the center leg threads.

Screw all the legs into all four corners as well as both middle supports.

Using your bare hands, carefully tight it.


Step #5. Placing the foot and foot massage motors

In the control box, connect the foot motor and foot massage motor plugs.

Ensure that each component is connected to the control box’s appropriate designated port.

Turn the bass over onto its two legs and connect it to a functioning power supply.

Again, I suggest that you use a surge protector.


Step #6. (optional)

Align the hole of the brackets with the brass sleeve.

Screw the leg into the base until it becomes tight, holding the brackets in place.

If you apply too much force, the legs of the bed base may rotate uncontrollably.

Next, align the tab with the hole in the body and fasten the bracket with a small bolt and nut.

Fasten the bolts securely.

A T-Bracket and plastic spacer should be attached.

Install both the attachment plate and the separator to fit the headboard by estimating the space of the holes to the head of the bed.

Two long bolts and two nuts are required to install the attachment plate and the spacer.

Put the bolts through the holes with the bolt’s head facing outward.

And what you want to do next is place the spacer and attachment plate in the appropriate spot.

Put the bolts on the spacer diagonally.

Tighten the bolt with the 9/16 inches socket and wrench.

To fasten the headboard to its brackets, use the bolts and nuts’ left pieces to connect them to the attachment plates.

The bolt heads will be facing outward.

Tighten the bolts with a 9/16 inches socket and a 1/2 inches wrench.


Step #7. Adding the legs

Tie the washer onto the screw of the legs to add the legs.

After that, screw the leg into the frame.

Avoid over-tightening.

For adjustable leg height choices, the 3-in-1 legs untwist into individual parts.


Step #8. Placing the Power Down Box

Place the power down box on the ground after uncoiling it from the frame.

When the base is in the upright position, make sure it’s easily accessible.

Then uncoil the cord linked to the power port of the control box.

Connect it to the power supply available


Step #9. Setting up the power supply

Connect the power supply to the uncoiling power cord.

The power supply should be placed on the ground and extended from the base.

Make that the power supply and any associated cords are pointed in the direction of the surge protector.

And make sure to connect the base to a power supply.

The company suggests that you use a surge protector.


Step #10. Testing out the remote control

Make sure to insert the batteries at the rear of the remote correctly.

Then, before putting the mattress on the foundation, quickly test the features to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Then, return the base to a flat position by pressing FLAT.


Step #11. Finishing up!

Insert the bar of the mattress retainer to the left side into the bracket.

Secure the right side by pulling the retainer bar to the opposite bracket.

Set-up is now complete!

If you want to read more about how to set up your Setra adjustment bed, click here.

And if you ever encounter problems with your new bed, this article might help you out.

Regardless, that is all.



There are 11 steps you need to remember on how to assemble Serta adjustable bed motors.

However, you cannot do this without a company to help you.

Be careful as you deal with these types of bed motors since you can damage them by things such as sharp items.

Overall, it is not easy to utilize these bed frames.

So, you might need professional help if you think you can’t do it.

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