How Hot Does A Hairdryer Get? Read These Amazing Facts!

How hot does a hairdryer get? It relies upon several factors. It also depends upon the temperature in a room, like a dryer can work 5 degrees Celsius or 25 degrees Celsius differently.

Power is one factor that affects the hotness of a blow dryer. Even the material in the hairdryer also matters the most.

How hot does a hairdryer get

Plus, it depends upon using the dryer. Even the lifespan and the distance between you and a blow dryer is a factor that controls its hotness, as this is just an overview, so you better read further!


Understanding The Average Temperature In A Hairdryer

So, how hot does a hairdryer get? Set the hairdryer between 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum heat enables it to reach potentially extremely damaging temperatures. So far, 140 degrees is a large one already. The setting should fall somewhere in the middle of the range not to avoid hurting the scalp or hair. It also dries the hair faster with no further damage once kept low.

A relation exists between the quantity of heat created by the fan speed and the dryer. A higher rate makes a hair dry a lot faster than the fan speed that stays low. Burning your hair is more likely if the fan speed is low while the heating stays maximum. Nevertheless, halfway drying using a blow-dryer eliminates excess moisture, cutting down on the additional hours needed for drying. Then, remove the rest of the water as you air-dry it from here.


Excessive Hotness In A Hair Dryer Leading To Excessive Heat

The use of a lousy hairdryer can bring harm to the hair. Nonetheless, there is a right way to avoid the strains of the locks getting ruined, so using the right temperature and revving the heat up is not a good idea. Know how high the temperature could go without risking the health of the hair strands or the scalp. Curly hair is no problem compared with the danger it could get after exposure to extreme heat for a long time.

Or, this is true when you regularly use high temperatures past 140 degrees Celsius, as this damages the scalp and leads to cancer. Do not try to leave it in a spot for a long time, or do not hold down the button that much. Use the hairdryer on the hair to get the feeling of being on a tropical island. But overdoing it can bring a huge impact and more problems to manage. There is not enough moisture when your hair gets excess heat for a long time. Your strands will look like an absolute mess, resulting in brittle hair and more split ends that appear all around.


Ways To Avoid An Overheating Dryer

Look into your hairdryer seriously if it is overheating more often. Regular use of a hairdryer may result in it suffering from clogged pores. Grab some sponge or cloth, rub it smoothly on a grate to remove the hair particles and dirt. If the device overheats, it then shuts down. Give it rest as you unplug it. Moreover, clean the fan in a hairdryer regularly, enjoying some fresh air in a dryer. Hair particles stay in the device while you dry your hair. But then, clear it most often to avoid malfunctioning or overheating in a dryer. Grab a new hairdryer if none of the steps mentioned work to cool down an overheated hairdryer.


Setting Your Dryer

Blow drying your hair is never a damaging procedure. A hairdryer makes your hair less exposed to hair fall as it dries quickly. The braids can get weaker once they are wet. If they stay moist for hours, the more likely they are to break, likely. Dry your hair right away as the best recommendation. A hairdryer rescues such a situation but does not bring in damage to your hair. The best thing is to use a hairdryer with no heat damage imposed on the hair.

Never stop drying your hair but do it in the safest manner possible. This way, it will not damage your hair further. A hairdryer in low and medium settings will not damage the hair. So, keep your dryer between the quiet and the medium setting. Dry your hair in the best manner possible, avoiding hair damage, as this still depends on the length and type of hair. The dryer that you utilize also matters the most in this case.

Moreover, experts suggest that it reaches 197 degrees as the hottest temperature in a blow dryer, as this is by far the highest setting that the device can operate. But then, avoid further heat damage as you blast the cool shot air on the braids, as this dries the hair and locks it in style for an extended time. You may also want to read about how to clean a hairdryer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the answer to the question, “how hot does a hairdryer get?” But more than that is an understanding first of the average temperature in a hairdryer. Being wary also of excessive hotness can lead to extreme heat. The good thing is that suggested ways avoid an overheating dryer. You may want to read related articles; know what is ion hair dryer and how to bend plastic with a hair dryer.

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