How To Use A Diffuser Hairdryer? 5 Easy Steps!

How to use a diffuser hairdryer? The basic steps include washing your hair, drying your hair with a towel, combing your hair, drying the hair using a hair diffuser, and using it beginning at the roots of the hair.

Place the hair to the tip of the diffuser and scrunch your hair upside and downward. Do this same as the blow dryer that dries your hair in one of the most common ways.

How to use a diffuser hairdryer

That maintains the hair in the original structure while you dry your hair and cause it to be less irritated. Turn your head up and diffuse the hair as it faces downward, as this helps give it a rich volume following the hair roots. But my friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Use A Diffuser Hair Dryer

Below are the basic steps to use a diffuser hairdryer.


Step #1. Washing your hair

Wash your hair if it is oily or dirty. Use water that softens the hair rather than shampoo it. Wash it but use your usual conditioner and shampoo. Change your conditioner and shampoo to reduce frizzy hair best. Keep your hair beautiful and smooth if it is dry. Use the natural treatments if you want but they should be washed with oil rather than soap. Shampoo with sulfate dries out the hair and makes it wavy and lifeless. So, you better avoid them.


Step #2. Drying the hair with a towel

Use an extra t-shirt and soft towel if you want to dry your hair. Massage it onto the hair in a gentle manner. Drain out possible water but don’t twist or wring your hair using a towel. Never treat your hair that hard, or it could result in hair root breakage and a fuzzy look.


Step #3. Combing your hair

Lightly dis-entangle as you wash your hair with fingertips and before you twist or straighten your curls. Brushing your hair out still can change the natural curls causing frizz. So, moisturize the dried curls and help hold their form while they dry. Apply some gel, conditioner, or curl oil for your wavy hair. Wrap your wet hair throughout your fingertips for every curl patterned just as you want it, as this guarantees your hair will curl the same and appear shiny.


Step #4. Begin drying your hair with a hair diffuser

Begin using a diffuser when drying your hair. Attach the diffuser to the end of your hairdryer. Set the device at low speed, high, and even medium settings, as this means to say it is more difficult drying your hair. Nonetheless, it does not become frizzy or dry out. Move your head towards the left to start. Place the diffuser next to the root of your hair. Keep it in the right place until you dehydrate the strands. Then, blow your hair dry around the shaft in a spiral stroke. Rub the hair in a gentle manner with the hooks of a diffuser to promote beautiful twists and curls and thickness.


Step #5. Using a diffuser hair dryer beginning the roots of the hair

Use the diffuser as you massage the hair in a clockwise manner until it scorches. Use the diffuser to make a downward push that pushes firmly on the twists. Hair stays at its natural form, giving it the needed bounce. Adjust the diffuser settings for curly and natural hair. Allow the curl and natural hair to dry with the air if you think the diffuser makes it even frizzier. Check and see if it improves the findings.

Lift each strand of the hair underneath when drying it with a diffuser, as this gives the curls more lift to the roots of the hair and avoids the damp hair as it drags them down and dries. Grab some parts of the layer of the hair and place them on the diffuser. Do this after the roots of the hair thoroughly. Make use of your hands minimally as you diffuse your hair. Touch your hair and wait until frizz produces. Run as well the contour of the curls and hair waves. It appears that it depends on how long you use the diffuser. Keep your hands a few inches away from the hair to achieve better results.


Some Professional Tips To Use A Diffuser Hair Dryer

It’s good to follow some professional tips on how to use a diffuser hairdryer. Firstly, de-tangle your hair when it is wet already to get ready for the grand day. Be gentle and run a wide-tooth comb through those locks. Dry your hair and set it free at opposite ends. But then, do not brush it that much. Wrap the hair in a soft rag, t-shirt, and microfiber towel when you shake out and remove the excess water.

Begin with clean and dry hair and use a wide-tooth comb to pull the hair’s top layers back. Work on the diffuser, so it is vast enough to cover the roots and the entire length of the hair. Flip the head upside and downward, so the warm airlifts your hair and blow-dries it. Achieve this hairstyle but make sure it is eighty percent dry. Diffuse it for several minutes and complete a final blowout. You may also want to read about how to throw away a hairdryer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you learn how to use a diffuser hairdryer with the steps mentioned. It also helps to follow professional tips in using a diffuser hairdryer. Any hairstyle you want to achieve is possible as it only takes several minutes. Complete and final blowout to carry out. You may want to read related articles; know why did my hair dryer stopped working and what is a concentrator for hairdryer.

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