How Does A Heated Blanket Work? A Detailed And Helpful Guide

Have you ever stopped and thought, “how does a heated blanket work”?

It is mainly used by people who want something to embrace them while lying in bed. Some may be content with the other types of a blanket, but a blanket with the help of technology can give you more benefits than you can expect!

how does a heated blanket work

Heated blankets have an electric current that passes through the veil. It has innovative technology where you can use a controller to select the specific settings you prefer.

Continue reading this article as we tell you more about how heated blankets work, how to use them, and how to stay safe with a heated blanket.


Getting To Know The Heated Blanket

In a heated blanket, technology can provide the most accurate heating possible. It can help you save energy and reduce the cost of your electricity bills.

You can choose the specific settings for your heated blanket. It can provide a consistent warmth within a period, but the blanket can adapt to the new conditions if it changes.

Unexpectedly, some blankets have dual control. This works best, especially if you have someone you sleep with and have different preferences regarding the temperature settings.

A heated blanket also has an auto-shutoff feature where it automatically turns off after a specific time. There are at least 10 to 20 temperature settings, and they can automatically adjust over time.

These heated blankets can also be taken care of by machine wash and can be dried to a dryer.

Types of blankets such as velvet plush, fleece, Royal mink, and Loft tec are all good for contributing to the overall warmth of the blanket.


How to use a heated blanket?

In planning to use a heated blanket, make sure that what you are purchasing is brand new. You must also check if the covering has overheat protection.

In using your heated blanket, you must first read the instruction from the manufacturer where the instruction on how to wash the blanket is also written.

If your heated blanket is already showing some signs of tear and wear, you must consider replacing it at least every ten years.

In storing a heated blanket, you must roll it rather than folding it to avoid damaging the wires. Other damages you must look out for include damaged tapes or wires, fraying fabric, scorch marks, loose connections, worn flex, damp patches, and creases.

You must also check if there is a unique feature of having a thermostatic control to ensure that it is okay to leave it on. This is important if you want to use your heated blanket all night while sleeping.

It is also essential to note the chord length to avoid being disappointed if it will not reach the end of your bed.


How to stay safe with a heated blanket?

You can turn on your heating blanket and warm up your bed before you get in, but make sure to turn them off before going to sleep. It is not advisable to keep them on all night while you are already asleep.

However, you can put your mind at peace if the heating blanket you have purchased has an automatic control feature. This is where it will turn off itself when it achieves the desired warmth to keep you comfortable.

It would help if you also considered pulling the blankets down when you are heating the sheet-covered mattress. You may pull up the covers after several minutes and use the heated blanket as the top layer. It is suitable for keeping the warmth in the mattress because it will be trapped inside.

Heated blankets also have a long, heat-producing wire placed in the blanket’s innermost layer. These wires are thin to keep the blanket soft and flexible, making them reasonably susceptible to damage, so you must always handle them with care.

It would help if you always inspected it before turning it on. Rolling is also the best way to store it and not by folding. This is because it will only create creases that may cause the wires to break.

You must neatly look for damages because it is not worth the risk to use a blanket that has been damaged. It would be best if you also verified the heated blanket’s expected life span.

It is better to replace heated blankets based on the interval required consistently. It is also to assure the safe service and best benefits it can give to us.

By following this advice, we can prevent fire or electric shocks from happening.



You might be worried about the cold environment you have at night, but cannot take to turning the thermostat all night because of being afraid of the electricity bills.

A heating blanket works best for you! But how does a heated blanket work?

A heating blanket generates heat which can provide you a cozy bedtime along with reduced energy expenses. However, it is also not advisable to keep them on all night.

Like how any device can post some risks, you must also note how to use your heating blanket to enjoy its benefits best safely.