How Do You Dry Your Hair Without A Blow Dryer? 4 Easy Steps!

How do you dry your hair without a blow dryer? Follow the steps to wash your strands, dry your hair with a t-shirt, apply a leave-in product, and tame the flyaways.

And you still see flyaways and frizz in the mirror, spray on hairspray to lock in the ultimate look and smooth them down completely.

How do you dry your hair without a blow dryer

Try a hair spray to provide humidity and frizz resistance. Follow these right ways in drying your strands. Just let your hair dry naturally without applying the right products. Create the different hairstyles afterward to pique others’ interests. So, read further!


Steps To Dry Your Hair Without A Blow Dryer

So, how do you dry your hair without a blow dryer? Air-dry your strands with the key steps below and learn how you will do it.


Step #1. Washing the strands

Wet your hair first to keep it dry. Take a shower, grab some shampoo and condition the strands. This system is useful for a specific concern and hair type. Maximize the health of your hair and air-dry it completely without becoming unruly and frizzy. Begin the hair care routine with the use of conditioner and proper shampoo. Use only the best conditioner and shampoo.


Step #2. Partially drying the hair with a t-shirt

Use a soft t-shirt instead of a towel when patting your hair and leave it dry. The method proves to be gentler when used on the strands. That helps keep the hair strands smooth. Avoid the use of a cotton towel which is rough on the hair and promotes only breakage.


Step #3. Applying leave-in product

Wait until the hair is slightly damp and clean. Apply some leave-in product. Take a pick from many options and base it on the final look you want to achieve. Get some natural waves with hair spray that creates natural-looking texture and waves with no further heat damage. Expect the last look to be effortless-looking and wild waves. Achieve additional waves by scrunching the hair ends and letting them dry.


Step #4. Taming flyaway’s

See the flyaways and frizz in the mirror and wait to spray on hairspray. Smooth the hair strands down and lock the look into the right place. Try an oil hairspray to provide greater resistance to humidity and frizz.


Other Steps To Dry Your Hair Without Blow Dryer

Blow-drying takes hours, and yet time is indeed precious. The good thing is it’s quicker to dry the hair with no investment in a new blow-drying device. So, follow the other steps below.


Step #1. Blotting the hair with a microfiber towel

Drying the hair with no blow dryer is an arduous process, as this is true if you want to reduce split ends and breakage. So far, there are many methods to achieve this goal. Still, the best one to consider is to use microfiber towels. Begin as you blot your hair with a towel after you wash it. Don’t dilute shampoo with water but pour it onto the hair. Residue stays on your hair, making drying time longer as needed. Wipe your hair down using a clean towel to avoid the problem.

Wring out the towel but ensure no damage is left on the strands. The microfiber is handy again with a snug weave that minimizes the quantity of water passing through the fibers. This makes the towel even more effective in holding on moisture while drying, removing excess moisture in the strands. Then, pump the towel as you push it more to your head. This technique is useful in drying the hair in a short time.


Step #2. Use a wide-tooth comb after you wash the hair

This second step on how you dry your hair without a blow dryer distributes the oil around the head to eliminate those tangles. Divide the long hair into sections and use a wide-tooth comb to reach every area before continuing with the next one.


Step #3. Air drying and rough drying the hair

Use your hands to roughdry the hair after finishing with initial blotting and wait until it looks completely 30% dry, but it takes five minutes. Air dry or rough dry your hair until it is 30% dry. Air-dry your hair so as not to leave any further damage. Use heat from a flat iron or blow dryer. For one, you want to avoid injuries to the precious mane.


Step #4. Quick-drying the hair with lotion

Control your hair a lot faster with a quick-drying lotion as it locks in the moisture. So, you will not spend more time styling it. The products like aloe vera, guar gum, and hydrating ingredients such as rice starch are the best as they add shine and elasticity to the hair. Search for a lightweight lotion featuring silicones such as dimethicone for hair that is bone-dry, as this makes a barrier helping lock in the moisture. You may also want to read about who invented the first hairdryer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the steps on how do you dry your hair without a blow dryer. For sure, this article has helped you better remember the actions mentioned. Hand dry or use a microfiber towel to dry your hair with no worries. You may want to read related articles; know how to turn on a hairdryer and what is the best-hooded hairdryer

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