Freezer Door Opens When I Close Fridge: A Mystery To Solve!

Have you encountered a situation where your refrigerator doors act weird, and you asked yourself, “Why does freezer door opens when I close fridge?” Well, there are about two main reasons why and we’re going to figure it out together. And through the help of this article, you’ll know where to check, and you will have enough information to tell your technician.

This situation could happen naturally through the help of air and force. For example, you unintentionally slammed the fridge door, and this caused the freezer to open. However, even if you gently closed the door, there could be some defective components when this happens frequently. For example, it could be your fridge seal or the whole unit is not perfectly level.

freezer door opens when I close fridge

But we’re going to identify if there are issues to be concerned about, and we’ll figure out the best approach in addressing the problem. Now, you don’t have to panic, but you should observe the temperature levels in your fridge while we come up with something. Continue reading!


Reasons Why Freezer Door Opens When I Close Fridge

Aside from the typical situation where the freezer door opens due to excessive force, other causes could still explain it. However, it implies that you need to address it as soon as possible to avoid damaging the entire refrigerator. So, we summarized those reasons to explain your concern about freezer door opens when I close fridge. And here they are:


#1. There’s a problem with the gasket

So, the gasket is the rubbery material between the sides of the unit and the door. It aims to close the gap and keep outside air out of the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the warm air will change with the inside temperature if you leave the fridge door ajar. And if this happens often, you’ll most likely end up with several defective components.

To prevent this from happening, you should always check the door seal and have it fixed if it starts to loosen up or when it’s full of dirt and molds. You can have a professional replace it at the same time have your whole fridge examined. And if you want to replace it yourself, you can follow the steps below.


Step #1. Remove the old one

Replacing the gasket is simple, and you can directly pull them out of the fridge. However, do it gently, and you can start at one corner of the refrigerator. Then, pull the rubber material out until you removed the entire gasket of your freezer door.


Step #2. Clean

Before installing the new gasket, we need to clean the base to ensure that the dirt wouldn’t build up and cause instant damage to the replacement. Spray an organic cleaning agent that could either be composed of vinegar or baking soda to disinfect the sides of your fridge. Then wipe it clean and dry with a soft towel. Drying the sides will ensure that the new gasket will stick.


Step #3. Install

You can use your old gasket as a reference when buying a new one, or you could take note of your brand and model and search in the appliance store. Like how you detached the defective gasket, start on one side and gently push the material towards the door. Hold it in place while you try installing the entire component.


#2. The fridge is not level

You might observe that some fridges have cardboard placed under the front legs of your fridge. Well, there might be some uneven features in the legs or the house’s floor. Or the people who installed it want the front part to be higher than the backside. Fridges must be level to prevent the fridge doors from opening on their own, just like the situation we’re discussing now.

So, if your freezer door opens once you close the fridge door, the fridge might not be level. Also, as much as possible, when you’re installing a refrigerator, make sure that it leans a little bit backward. This position will keep the doors in place and prevent them from opening, which would allow the frozen goods to fall. To guide you in this procedure, here are some tips on how to level your fridge.


Step #1. Remove the grill

This component is the cover of your fridge’s front legs. You can unscrew it or snap it back out through the release clips. And once you have successfully removed it, you’ll have enough access to the adjustable legs.


Step #2. Adjust

Some fridges don’t have this feature so the mentioned cardboards earlier might be due to this situation. So, you can have someone lift the refrigerator for you to have access. Then, you can either rotate the legs to adjust the length or use a screwdriver. It depends on what your fridge has.


Step #3. Lock

Depending on the leg situation, there are several approaches how to lock the adjustment you set. You can either snap the clip or ring on to fasten it. Alternatively, you may secure the legs in place by tightening the screws.


Closing Insights

And this part is where the article, “Freezer door opens when I close fridge,” ends. We hope there’s nothing serious going on inside your fridge, and it should only need some adjustments. However, despite how minor the concern is, you still have to get it checked and fixed.

We hope we successfully addressed your concern, so you might want to keep us posted. And concerning leveling the fridge, you can also check this similar article entitled, “How to level chair legs?” Keep safe!

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