How To Move A Fridge In A Pickup Truck? 3 Easy Steps To Follow!

How to move a fridge in a pickup truck? The most challenging part of moving to a new home is moving bulky appliances like your fridge from your room to a truck. Refrigerators, as we all know, are already too heavy to be moved by one person.

So, have a friend come over and assist you in finishing this procedure. Otherwise, because the motors are situated within the internal system, you will have difficulty carrying it. The purpose of a fridge is to store your food, beverages, and other items so that they can last longer before consumption.

how to move a fridge in a pickup truck

And it has crucial components on the inside that works to prevent foods from rotting or spoiling that you need to handle carfully.

But today, we aren’t going to discuss what your fridges can do. Instead, let us focus on the topic and continue to seek the solution for this problem. Today, we will learn in this article how to move your fridge to a pickup truck. So, keep on reading to know more.


Steps To Move A Refrigerator In A Pickup Truck

How to move a fridge in a pickup truck? The first thing that you’ll want to do is, of course, turn off your unit and unplug it. Then, use a little bit of your time to review its manual, as it might have some necessary information that might come in useful when dealing with this problem.

You see, manuals are disregarded by almost all people when they buy things because they think that it isn’t necessary. Well, that is not true. Manuals contain more information and guides that may be used anytime if need.

Fridges, for example, each have their manuals since not every model has the same type of this and that. The manuals online can still be helpful but not as valuable if you have the hard copy in the package. Regardless, refrigerators are heavy, and some necessary information needs to be checked out before carrying it. Some parts might be sensitive with just little movements. So, please read it and do the task afterward.


Step #1. Prepare your fridge for transportation

Of course, we should begin the preparations for your departure before you move away. But first, you’ll need to empty the fridge so you can deal with it more easily. If you don’t do it now, you may come to regret it later.

Now that the plug has been removed earlier, it’ll be easy for you to do the internal cleaning. Remove all the fridge contents and place them in an insulated box to keep it cool to avoid any spoilage. We were using an ice pick, chip away all the ice to avoid any leakage later in the truck. In that way, we can ensure that there will be no electric problems involved that’ll happen and will cause damage to your appliance.

Finally, trays and other sections should be removed out of the way and be kept in a storage box until the next destination. It would help if you also wrapped the trays and drawers to avoid any possible scratches and cracking. Secure the cables and door with some straps so that you may prevent damage furthermore.


Step #2. Move the fridge safely

One of the most effective ways to move your fridge is with a dolly.

They are relatively cheap on some stores online and on physical ones. With this, you can be able to carry the fridge with ease. Just make sure that the one that you’re buying s big enough. Now place your fridge and if your dolly has straps, use it by wrapping it around the refrigerator, making sure that it is fitted snuggly.

Next, tilt backward and let it move a little bit upward. With this, you can have control over the weight of the appliance. Read about how to move a fridge with a dolly to learn how to do this part step-by-step if you have no idea.


Step #3. Prepare to load the fridge

Since all the preparations for the fridge are done, we are now moving on to our next step. Now that you have the refrigerator readied outside, ready your pickup truck too. Make sure that it is already cleaned beforehand to avoid obstacles.

If you have pavement, then good for you. Use it to your advantage as it will make carrying the fridge more manageable. Now, push your dolly back and let the handles hit the back door of your truck. With some friends, have the refrigerator upwards.

To do this, two people should stand outside of the truck on both sides of the appliance. With proper coordination, you need to be lifting your dolly handles down up while you have to lift the other two from the fridge’s base.

Remove the dolly from the refrigerator. Then finally, tie down the fridge while it is still in an upright position. Although, again, it uses straps to tie the fridge as tight as possible to ensure that it doesn’t make movements while being transported. And that is all for how to move the fridge in a pickup truck.



And these are some steps on how to move a fridge in a pickup truck. Always keep the manual with you, and the most crucial part of this process is taking out the appliance from the power source to prevent possible accidents. It would be best to have people helping you make things easier and make sure you move your fridge safely.

On the other hand, you might want to learn how to seal on fridges, especially when losing grip. Because securing your fridge door is important to keep cold air from coming out, so you might want to read this one to learn more about that.

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