Fragrance Oil Blending for Candles

Scented candles are a popular item, and the market is saturated with all kinds of fragrances. However, producing your own candles can be extremely rewarding and cost-effective. One way to save money is through fragrance oil blending for candles.


fragrance oil blending for candles

Fragrance Oil Blending for Candles: Supplies

Before beginning any candle-making project, you must know that safety comes first. Be sure to use a proper container, double-check that it is heat safe, and always keep safety in mind by following the 4 C’s: 

  1. Cool  – Never leave melting wax unattended
  2. Cook  – Keep melted wax at a constant boil (212° Fahrenheit) covered with a lid
  3. Contain  – Wax expands when heated so sure your containers are rated for at least double the volume of wax
  4. Candle  – Prepare your wick pin and get everything ready so you can begin at a moment’s notice

Once you have ensured safety, it is time to gather supplies. For blending fragrance for candles, you will need:

  • Fragrance oils – This is where most of your money will be spent  
  • Pipettes or graduated cylinders – You will use these for measuring out oils
  • Mixing containers – There are several different kinds that work well
  • Candle wicking/wick sticks/candle rods – Choose a type that fits your preference
  • Crockpot with thermometer – Choose a size depending on how many ounces of wax you plan to use
  • Wooden spoons or  Stirring utensils –  Choose a utensil you are comfortable with.


Fragrance Oil Blending for Candles: Method

Choose your fragrance oils and mix together in your mixing container. Fragrance oils all have different viscosity levels so they may behave differently once added together.  Start by adding small quantities of oil to your mixture, stirring thoroughly each time, until you reach the smell you want. Remember that once mixed together, you cannot go back to separate fragrances, so be sure to smell the mixture before beginning the next step.

The amount of oil it takes to get the desired scent will vary depending on both the types of fragrance oil used and how powerful each is. Some scents will not come across while some might be too strong if used in excess. Experiment with varying amounts of oil to find what works best for you and your desired scent.

Once you think you have the right fragrance oil combination, it is time to add it to candle wax. There are many different kinds of wax, but they all work in a similar fashion. Regardless of which type of wax you use, make sure that it melts at a temperature close to body temperature (98-100° Fahrenheit). You can add color and other additives once the wax has thoroughly melted.

Once added together, stir until the mixture becomes opaque and slightly bubbly. As soon as signs of oils appear on top, remove from heat and pour into containers. The final product should be slightly cloudy and features the aroma of both fragrances. Let it sit for a few hours then test by lighting a candle to make sure that it does not drip or smoke. If all goes well, you now have your own personalized fragrance oil blending for candles!


Fragrance Oil Blending for Candles: Phthalate Free vs Live Rustic

Blending oils can be used with other types of wax as well, such as palm wax and soy wax. Most people will use either paraffin or beeswax since they are popular and easy to find at craft stores.

Phthalates are chemicals found in many common products such as cosmetics, detergents, soaps, shampoo, etc. Unfortunately, some phthalates have been found to cause cancer in laboratory animals and are suspected of having a negative impact on human health, so they must be avoided. This is why many candle-makers prefer buying fragrance oils that are phthalate-free since the wax used in candles burns off over time and could potentially produce harmful vapors.


How to Choose Your Fragrance

When making scented candles, we all know fragrance oil blending for candles is a must. However, how can you choose the right one for you? Here are some tips:


1. Know your scent preferences

It is important to know what you like because there are hundreds of different fragrances out there.  For beginners, it’s a good idea to start with more simple scents so that you have a better understanding of how fragrance oils interact with the wax and burn on the candle. Remember that highly complex scents can be difficult to pull off on the first try, so pick something easy for starters!


2. Experiment with a wide variety of scents before settling down

Not sure what you want? That’s fine! Try as many as possible until you settle on one or two that stick out to you as being unique and extraordinary. There really is no on how much fun fragrance oil blending for candles can be, so have fun experimenting!


3. Find sales and discounts on fragrance oils

It’s always good to save money where you can, right? Fragrance oils are frequently discounted at many craft stores. Be sure to check out their online sales or store coupons before buying! If that doesn’t work, try checking out different brick-and-mortar stores to compare prices. Shipping costs could also help lower the price of your purchase if it is not too high already.


4. Buy in bulk whenever possible

The more you buy, the less you pay per unit. This works especially well for those who make their own scented candles regularly. This is because they will require much more oil than those who only makes them occasionally.


Fragrance Oil Blending for Candles: Conclusion

It would probably take years to find out everything there is to know about candle making and its specifics if you plan to discover and experiment with everything on your own. With that being said, once you discover the basics of candle making and learn a little about fragrance oil blending for candles, it becomes much easier to make different scents at home.

In addition, most hobbyists find it more exciting to mix various fragrances together as opposed to simply burning one candle every time they want their house to smell nice. In all, experimenting with fragrance oil blending for candles is an easy way to create a pleasant scent around your home. Check out our site for more candle related articles and tips.

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