10 Easy Ways to Wrap a Recliner Like a Professional

Finding the perfect gift for your family members or friends can be difficult, especially if they have everything. One thing they might not have is a recliner! A recliner is the ultimate in comfort and who wouldn’t want one?

You could always buy an expensive leather recliner from a store, but how about giving them something that’s personalized and unique? Here are 10 easy ways to wrap a recliner like a professional.

easy ways to wrap a recliner


Steps on Gift-Wrapping a Recliner

Step 1. The first thing you’ll need is a recliner. This can be either an old chair or furniture store purchase, something from your basement, etc. Make sure to remove any fabric coverings and cushioning before wrapping it in new items! (see how easy that was?)

Step 2. Next up are the wrapping materials: plenty of old sheets, newspaper (for a rough texture), scissors or box cutter, tape, a string to tie everything up with.

Step 3. You can decide how you want the recliner wrapped: tightly wound in layers of cloth and paper? Tied off by ribbon? Let your imagination run wild!

Step 4. Once it’s all wrapped up nicely you’ll need to find a way to write the recipient’s name and how to open it. Slap some pencil marks on there with an erasable marker (usually, or you can use a permanent one!)

Step 5. Now for the really fun part: wrapping! Use your strings of choice – twine, yarn, ribbon, string – to tie up each layer of the recliner, and then keep wrapping until you’ve got it tight as a drum!


What is Gift-Wrapping?

Gift-wrapping is the process of presenting a gift in such a way that it looks attractive, fits its contents well, and provides for an easy opening.

To provide these three qualities simultaneously, you need four things: something to wrap the present in (the wrapper), something to put inside this wrapping so that it will take the form of the contents (the filler), something to tie it up with; and something, usually decorative but sometimes practical, for the outside.

Wrapping is an art in which you have two main objectives: firstly how your wrapper looks inside out and secondly how easy it will be to unwrap as a gift when given.

There are two main types of gift wrapper:

#1. The first is the one that has a cross-over at the top and bottom; this type can be used to wrap reasonably large objects.

#2. The second kind ties from each side, making it more suitable for smaller items such as jewelry boxes or picture frames.


Advantages of Gift-Wrapping a Recliner

A sense of satisfaction: how you have wrapped your object for the receiver. -Saving time and money when buying a present: instead of being forced to buy something, then find wrapping paper and ribbon or cellophane; with an item that has already been gift wrapped it will be easier.


Best Recliners For Gifting

#1. The Dark Brown Leather Recliner Chair

This is a reclining chair and the best thing about it is how comfortable it looks. The dark brown leather kind of matches any décor, so you are not limited to what colors you can use on your wrapping paper or ribbon. This could be used in an office setting or at home for leisure and relaxation.

The recliner is perfect for anyone who needs to be able to relax in their space but also can’t get up from their chair without help. It will give you that sense of comfort while watching TV or reading a book.

It has the ability to lean back all the way into an upright position if you want to clean behind it. The arms also have the ability to adjust how high or how low they are for your comfort level as well, so you can find just what is right for you and your space.

The leather material on this recliner makes it easy to wipe down if anything spills on it, which keeps the chair looking good for the long run.

It is also great for anyone who has trouble with their balance, which could be due to arthritis or other health conditions that can affect how well you walk or stand on your own.

#2. Multi-purpose recliner

It is not just a chair that you can sit in to watch TV, it also doubles as an ottoman for those times when you want something soft to put your feet on. The armrests also double as storage spaces so you can keep any remote controls or other items out of sight but still close enough to grab when you need them.

This recliner is a great option if you want something that looks like it’s straight out of your favorite contemporary furniture store, but also has the comfort and convenience features to make it an ideal chair for just about anyone in your family.

It measures 49″ x 33″, so it can fit into any living room, living area, or bedroom.

It also has a plusher-than-average seat height of 20″ so you can get comfortable and stay there for hours on end without having to crank your neck up and down the whole time.

The recliner is available in three different colors: black leather, brown leather, and tan leather.


Things to Keep in Mind While Gift-Wrapping a Recliner

Keep the Wrapping Paper Clean

Recliners often have delicate material covering them, and wrapping paper can get dirty from how long it has been sitting in storage.

To keep the gift wrap clean for as long as possible, use a garbage bag to cover your lap when you are opening up the wrapping paper. This will help protect your clothing or any surfaces that are in the area where you will be wrapping the recliner.


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