The Best Way to Restuff a Leather Recliner

One of the most beneficial investments you can make for your home is a quality leather recliner. They are comfortable, durable, and look great in any living room or family room. However, if not properly cared for, they will wear out prematurely and lose their luxurious feel them.

One way to keep your leather recliner looking great is by how often you restuff it with new fillers like shredded foam or down feathers. This blog post will give you tips on how to do that without damaging the integrity of the chair’s structure!

We encourage you to follow these guidelines if you want your recliner to last for years, and also how often it should be restuffed. Keep in mind that the frequency of how often a leather recliner needs to be restuffed will depend on how much use they receive!


Things to Keep in Mind While Restuffing

  • Never mix fillers with different densities together such as cotton and polyester.
  • You can maintain how often a leather recliner needs to be restuffed by following the guidelines above.
  • Never use flat foam fillers, these will not offer enough support for your body!
  • It is best practice to replace old or deteriorated chair stuffing with new filler of similar types like cotton down feathers filled or polyester.
  • You should never use fillers that are made from animal product, such as wool or feathers!
  • It is best practice to have your leather recliner restuffed every two years at a minimum if you want it to last for a long time!
  • The more the chair gets used and how often this happens will determine how often it needs to be restuffed.


Steps on  Restuffing a Leather Recliner

Step 1. First, if you have a chair with removable arms then remove them. You can do this by just unscrewing the bolts that are holding it in place or unzipping where they connect to the main part of the chair and gently pulling until they come off\dry out!

Step2. If your recliner does not have any arms to remove, then you will need to unscrew the bolts on each arm and pull them off.

Step 3. Now it is time for down feathers or polyester fillers! You should never use animal products like wool or feathers because they are not meant for filling furniture that people sit in and can cause allergies. Make sure your filler of choice is at least as wide and deep as the chair.

Step 4. Place it on a dry surface, then fold it in half lengthwise so that you now have two halves of filler to work with. Take one end and start feeding it into the area where your arm would go if your recliner had arms.

Step 5. Once you get past the arm area, start stuffing the rest of the way down and into one side until it is full. Stuff this other half in on the opposite end to even out how your chair looks with both halves of filler now inside.

Step 6. Now take a flat board or some cardboard from a box that will be wide enough to cover up all the filler. Place it over the top of the chair and then put a couple of heavy books on top to keep everything in place for now.

Take your time when you’re sitting down, making sure that every part is evenly supported as this will be how much support you’ll get from the chair while seated.


What is Restuffing a Recliner?

Restuffing a recliner is how to repair the chair when it has become flat or lost its shape. There are many reasons why this may have happened such as people sitting in one spot for too long, an accident that caused the stuffing to come out of the chair,  or if you’re looking into how to restuff a leather recliner, how to restuff an upholstered chair.

Take the stuffing out of the seat and put it in a large bucket or container that will hold all of your stuffing when you have finished. If only one side is flat, remove the filling from just that side first before moving on to another corner.

Put in enough stuffing to fill the chair until it’s how you want it, then put in more if needed. Wrap the stuffing with a pillowcase and tie or sew it off tightly so no filling can escape.

Place the new stuffing into each piece of furniture making sure that there is enough for all four corners on every layer as well as ensuring that the stuffing is how you want it.

Wrap in a pillowcase and tie or sew tight to ensure no filling can escape, then place into your furniture how you would like it to be.


The Best Way to Restuff a Leather Recliner

To come out of a flat, remove the filling from just that side first before moving on to another corner.

Pile in enough stuffing so it’s how you want it then put in more if needed. Wrap with a pillowcase and tie or sew tightly to make sure no filling can escape. Place how you would like into your furniture.


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