Simple Instructions on How to Set Up Bassinet Bedding

In this article, you will learn how to set up bassinet bedding. Babies need a lot of care, especially when they are infants.

How do you keep your baby safe? One way is to make sure their bedding is set up correctly. If you have recently purchased or received a new bassinet, then these instructions should help guide you through the process of assembling it and laying out the bedding.

how to set up bassinet bedding


Steps on How to Set Up Bassinet Bedding

Step 1. Turn mattress support upside down and lay it flat with all screws facing up.

Step 2. Lay pad (fitted sheet) on top of support; match corners together, then stretch fitted part over the front rounded edge of support under cutout for legs. Use small safety pins or paper clips to hold corners together at the back of support.

Step 3. Attach the pad to legs by turning each leg over and inserting screws through the cutout, then attaching screw eyes on the outside edge of the top rail (you’ll need four for all three sides). Screw-in eyelets with a twisting motion until they are tight, then use pliers or crescent wrench to tighten them more securely.

Step 4. Fit pad over front rounded edge of support, inserting screws through holes in legs at back corners and screwing on eyelets with a twisting motion until tight. Then use pliers or crescent wrench to tighten the eyelets all around (the top rail will also need four).

Step 5. Take the sheet off the mattress and unfold it. Pull sheet over the pad, tucking it around back corners of legs where they meet up with bottom rail (the full width is not necessary to cover).

Fold the excess fabric under the mattress at the front edges, then reattach the mattress by pushing down on top until each side’s grooves line up perfectly with cutouts in the front legs.

Step 6. Rock mattress gently to make sure it’s secure, then place a sheet over the pad again and tuck the top edge under the bottom rail (it should be easy this time).

Fold the excess fabric under at back corners as before, reattach cord guard if desired, screw-on canopy hoops with plastic screws provided, attach hanging toys or lamp if desired, and you’re done!


How Does One Make a Flat Playpen sheet?  

Perhaps for outdoor or yard use on the grass.  The best way is with some cotton fabric, scissors and thread.  There are doughnut-shaped pads that can be bought at most baby stores if you’d prefer something easier.

First, take the measurements of your flat playpen sheet before buying any materials. Make sure there’s enough material so it will have room for shrinkage after being washed.

Next, cut two pieces in the measurements that you took in step one. You can use a straight edge and rotary cutter to make this process quicker. Sew along with three of the four sides (two short ends and one long side) with right sides together, leaving an opening on one end for turning it inside out later.

Use a basic stitch such as “W” or “Z” shaped stitches so it’s stronger. Trim any excess material from corners near where you sewed them up, but don’t cut too close to your stitching because then there won’t be enough thread left to pull through when you turn it inside out.

Turn it right-side-out by pulling the fabric through the open area at one of the ends which you did not sew closed.

Last but not least, you’ll need to make a waterproof cover for your bassinet. You can do this by cutting up an old shower curtain or buying some vinyl fabric at a local craft store like Michael’s (or on Amazon).

It should be about 30 inches wide and 60 inches long, which is how much material it takes to wrap around all four sides of the bottom part of our Chicco Lullago bassinet mattress base with enough left over to fold down each side about two-thirds so that there are no gaps in between them when they’re lying flat.

Then sew along three edges leaving one short edge open so you have an opening big enough through which to put your sheet in later after you’ve sewn everything together.


How to Remove the Napper From a Graco Pack N Play

Graco Pack and play mattresses are designed to fit snugly into the frame. This is a great safety feature but makes it difficult if you want to remove the napper from your baby’s crib mattress. Luckily, with just a few simple steps, you can do this in no time at all!

All of these instructions will assume that you have already removed the bassinet part (or napper) completely from its base. If not follow our guide on how to detach/remove each piece here: Part One, Part Two.

Step one: Check for screws – Most models of the Graco pack and play have a few screws along the edges. These are how you can access the napper.

Step two: Remove top layer of fabric – Using your Phillips head screwdriver, remove each screw from its corresponding location on either side of where the mattress meets the frame (see diagram above). Once all screws are out, carefully pull up on both sides until it is completely detached from underneath the bassinet/napper seat.

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