Baby Sleeping Set-ups: Cradle Or Bassinet?

The cradle and bassinet are two very different types of baby sleeping set-ups. If you have not yet decided which one is best for your newborn, then this post will help you decide on Cradle Or Bassinet! In the following paragraphs, we will go over the benefits of both so that you can make a decision on which one to use.


Cradle Or Bassinet

 What are the Differences Between Cradle or Bassinet?

#1. Cradles are large, usually with a mobile attached to it. 

#2. Bassinets have a more traditional shape and size and do not come with many extras. However, they can still offer security features like drop sides or adjustable positions for your baby’s comfort.  

#3. Depending on where you plan to put the bassinet in your home (i.e., next to your bed), this might be an important factor when deciding which one is best for you! The cradle has become less popular over time as parents find that some babies prefer being cradled but others may need something smaller and easier to move around at night if necessary due to their sleep cycles . Bassinets were made

#4. Cradles are a more popular choice in the USA because they have gained popularity from being used as an  alternative to co-sleeping a wider variety of uses, such as rocking and carrying your baby around the house.

#5. Some parents find that their cradle has become their child’s favourite place for naps , so this might be another factor to keep in mind! The decision comes down to personal preference but there are some factors you can consider when deciding which one is best suited for your family.

#6. Bassinets: More traditional shape & size (non-adjustable) -can offer drop sides or adjustable positions.

#7. Cradles: Come with many extras -some babies prefer it over bassinet. More versatile – can be used for playtime, naps and nighttime.


Benefits of Owning a Cradle

  • More traditional design
  • Can come with many extras
  • Some babies prefer it over bassinet
  • More versatile for a variety of activities including naps, playtime and nighttime.
  • Can be easily moved around the house
  • Babies commonly enjoy sleeping in this product more than cradles because they are closer to mommy’s heartbeat. This can help them when transitioning from being inside the womb to outside (when placed next to mother at night) .
  • Some parents find that their cradle has become their child’s favourite place for naps , so this might be another factor to keep in mind!


Benefits of Owning a Bassinet:

  • Many parents find their baby’s bassinet becomes a favourite place for naps
  • Some come with drop sides
  • Can be used as primary crib until age of six months
  • More traditional shape & size (non adjustable).


Features of Bassinet

  • Can be used for playtime, naps and nighttime
  • More traditional shape & size (non adjustable).


How long does a baby sleep in a bassinet or cradle?

The average newborn sleeps between 14 and 17 hours a day. This number decreases as baby gets older.

Bassinet: In the first few months of life, babies spend about 50% of their sleep time in bed with you, so it’s important to have something sturdy to support them (e.g., your arm or a bassinet). A good rule for parents is not to keep baby sleeping in bed longer than two months , when risk of SIDS is higher .

According to Dr. Sears “by age three months, most babies can roll from back to front…and by four months they can turn over completely – usually coming full-circle at some point after that!”

Cradle: If you do not want to use a bassinet, your next option is the cradle. It can be hard for some parents to transition from using their arms or holding baby in bed at night, but it’s important because of the risk of SIDS that we discussed above . Cradles are more mobile than bassinets and come with mesh sides so your little one can see out (if you keep them open).

Remember most babies spend less time sleeping as they get older, so don’t worry if they’re awake during naps! In my experience with my daughter she slept about 15 hours a day until she was almost six months old went down to around 12 hours.


Bassinet or Cradle; Which is Better?

When you are considering what type of sleeping arrangement to use for your baby, it’s important to consider their safety and comfort first, before how easily they’ll transition from one place to another. Bassinets can be a great choice because they’re usually very sturdy and have a hard bottom that provides extra support. 

In addition, most models attach directly onto the side of the parents’ bed which makes them easy accessible in case your little one starts crying during the night (which happens more often than we’d like! ) . Some people prefer using cradles instead of rocking chairs while others think its just fine as long as baby doesn’t fall out! Whatever works best for you and your family is perfectly fine.


The decision comes down to personal preference but there are many benefits to each. In the end, it is all about what works best for your family and baby!


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