The Ultimate Diaper Cake Guide: How to Make a Bassinet Diaper Cake

Making a bassinet diaper cake is how to make an adorable and practical gift for someone who just had a baby. It’s also how to make the perfect shower decoration, or how to make a centerpiece for your own child’s nursery! The possibilities are endless when you learn how to make this very popular type of DIY project. This tutorial will show you how to make a bassinet diaper cake.


how to make a bassinet diaper cake

Steps on How to Make a Bassinet Diaper Cake

Gather Supplies Show All Items

A bassinet that has been wrapped in plastic for protection (because the icing can damage it).

About 150 diapers: the number of diapers you use depends on how big your baby is. Usually newborns are about 18 lbs., so if they were born bigger or smaller than this amount, adjust accordingly.

Paper towel tubes (these should be cut into fourths) and paper towels; we used three rolls which yielded us 12 pieces total. Large ribbon bow with beads attached (optional but adds an extra touch!).


Preparing Your Diapers Show All Items

Step 1. First things first! You have to prep your diapers. Open up your package of diapers, and make sure to open both sides; this way you can see how the diaper unfolds inside out (you’ll understand what I mean later).

Step 2. Unfold one side of the first diaper so that it is laying flat on top of a sheet or towel. Fold in all four corners as shown.

These are going to be the “petals” for your flower when we go into assembling our cake! So keep them folded tight enough so they stay together but not too tightly where they will bunch up while baking with the other layers.

Step 3. Repeat step one with another clean/fresh diaper until you have a total of four “petals” and two backings.

Step 4. Lay this first layer on top of your cake board, or in the center if you’re using one like we did! It doesn’t matter how big it is as long as it’s about the size of your baby’s head (and even then parents usually love to squeeze right up next to their little ones when they hold them) but make sure that there aren’t any holes where drool or spit-up could leak through onto whatever surface you are displaying them on after assembly.

We chose a mini bassinet – so for our layers, we used three diapers each: one folded down into itself (the backing), with two more layers on top. Don’t forget to put your ribbon flower on top before you assemble the layers! You can also place a small rattle or teething toy next to it, if you’re going for an extra special bassinet gift.

Step 5. Once all of your layers are in order, use one diaper roll per layer by tucking them under each other (or just arrange as many rolls that will fit with no overhang – how ever much makes sense) and pinching closed where they overlap.

In our example we used five diapers across three different sized rolled up ones to create what appeared like two larger “baskets” stacked atop another smaller basket. The final step is assembling everything together into how you want it displayed once its complete .


What is a bassinet in Sims 4?

A bassinet is an infant bed for a baby. A bassinet can be purchased in the Build catalog and function similar to how cribs do, but are smaller and have no changing table functionality. They cannot be upgraded either. Bassinets cost §39 simoleons each (§74 with The Sims™ Deluxe Edition) [14] .


Can you change a baby’s clothes in Sims 4?

No, you cannot change a baby’s clothes. However, you can purchase outfits for your child at the Consignment Store located in The Sims™ FreePlay


Types of Bassinets:

  • Cradle Bassinet
  • Festival Glade Stand (Requires Outdoor Retreat)
  • Giant Cuddle Bed (requires Vampires, §100 simoleons and is large enough for two children or one adult)

There are several different types of bassinets in the game. The first type is Cradle Bassinet which can be found in build mode under beds > cribs. These cannot be upgraded at all like how a normal bed does not have an upgrade path to make it a double bed; this means you will need another cradle if you wish to have twins as these only accommodate one baby each.

You may purchase Festival Glade Stands that cost §74 simoleons and the upgrade path that creates a bassinet costs §125 simoleons. These are large enough for two adult Sims to sleep in together, but they do not have an upgrade option like how normal beds can be made into double beds.

There is also one other type of bassinet available which requires Outdoor Retreat game pack; this costs §200 if you just want your Sim to enjoy time outdoors as well as being able to make friends with outdoor loving types such as campers or getaways hikers, while having all your stuff ready at hand (with a place to store it). The Giant Cuddle Bed has additional benefits compared to Bassinets found in build mode under “cribs”.

These require Vampires so will not be available if you have not bought the game pack.


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