How to Arrange Rug Under a Recliner: Easy Do-It-Yourself Steps

It’s a common problem for people with an oversized recliner. If you have a large chair, how do you arrange rug under a recliner? It can be difficult to get that perfect fit without getting down on your hands and knees.

The good news is that there are some easy steps that anyone can follow! We will go over how to make this process as painless as possible so you don’t have to worry about how your floor looks anymore.

arrange rug under a recliner


Steps on Arranging Rug under a Recliner

Step 1. Move the recliner back as far as possible to create a larger space.

Step 2. Place an old towel or rug runner over the gap in front of your chair (this is where you will put your new rug).

Step 3. Grab some painter’s tape and mark how much floor space you wish to cover with the area rug on the part of the runner that is in front of your chair.

Step 4. Remove painter’s tape and rug from how much floor space you wish to cover with the area rug on the part of the runner that is in front of your chair (the result will be a narrower piece).

Step 5. Place smaller, more fragile rugs on top or around this area rug. Place your larger rug in front of the recliner with how much floor space you wish to cover with the area rug on the part that is behind it.

Step 6. Move the rug from in front of your chair and place it on top of or around this area rug. Your arrangement should now look like a rugby ball, with the largest piece in front and smaller pieces surrounding it.

Step 7. Ensure that a rug is on every step to prevent accidents. Put all of the furniture in its place, and you’re done!


Why Put Rug Under a Recliner?

It is common to see an area rug on the floor in front of a recliner.

This is how people were used to arranging their floors, but at some point, it became very trendy for there not to be any rugs around chairs or furniture as if they would get dirty just by being in proximity with them. This was because people had a misunderstanding that area rugs would get dirty and also because they thought the rug was an item of furniture.

In reality, there are many benefits to placing an area rug under your chair or even in front of it:

Area rugs will not only protect your floors from getting scratched by chairs but can also help with how sound waves bounce in your house.

Area rugs are also very decorative and can add a lot to how the room feels- they will create warmth, for instance, or make an area feel homier

The best way to arrange a rug under a recliner is by placing it on the side of the chair that faces outward. The reason for this is because the front of your chair will tend to move back and forth.

You can also place the rug on top of the armrests if you are worried about how it might push them back, but keep in mind that while this method is more aesthetically pleasing than making use of just one side,  it may leave the armrests a bit high for some people

If you want to use two different rugs, it is best to place one on each side of the chair. This can help with how sound waves bounce in your house and also makes an area feel cozier by adding color contrast.


How to Clean a Rug Under a Recliner

One of the most important things to consider when cleaning a rug under a recliner is how you are going to clean it. There’s no point in investing time and money into getting your rug looking brand new if you don’t know how you’re going to keep it that way! This article will walk through some easy methods on how to clean your rug under a recliner.

Vacuum: Using a large, upright vacuum cleaner with an extension hose is the easiest way to clean up any dust or debris on top of your rugs. Make sure you use either attachments that are specifically made for this purpose (i.e., brushes) or attach them before vacuuming so you don’t get any loose dirt in the rug.

Steam Cleaner: if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have attachments that are suitable for this purpose, a steam cleaner is an excellent way to remove dust and debris from your rugs! Just use the attachment on top of the machine (i.e., brushes) or attach them before using the machine.

Brush or Vacuum Your Rugs: if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for this purpose, it’s possible to brush your rugs with either an upright vacuum cleaner or by hand!


How to Vacuum a Rug

Turn the vacuum cleaner on to its highest setting. This will help remove any dust or debris that may be embedded in your rug and give it a deep clean.

Start at one end of the rug and work your way down, slowly moving across each row until you get to the other side (don’t move back up!).


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