Grease a Recliner Chair: 5 DIY Instruction

A recliner chair is an essential item for a lot of people. This type of chair can make lounging around the house and watching TV even more enjoyable than usual.

But how often do you think about how to grease a recliner? Greasing a recliner chair is something that should be done with great care, but it does not have to take too long either!

grease a recliner


Steps on Greasing a Recliner Chair

You will need to gather a few things before you can start greasing your recliner chair. There are some basic tools that you should have on hand, such as:

  • An old rag or towel (to clean the surface)
  • A new applicator sponge (or another type of thick and durable material like cotton wool).
  • A bucket of warm water
  • A plastic bag or disposable container to put the old applicator sponge in.
  • Some dish soap (to wash the surface)
  • Duct tape, painters masking tape, or another type of strong and sticky material that you will be able to use as a quick fix if you make a mistake
  • A paintbrush (to apply the grease)
  • Some clean water to rinse any excess grease off of the surface.


Step 1. The first thing that you want to do is remove all cushions from your recliner chair so it is easier for you to reach and work with. Then, use a rag or towel and some soap to clean the surface as best you can. Dry it off with another towel and put your cushions back in their original position.

Step 2. Next, find a bucket that is large enough to fit all of your supplies into so they don’t fall over or get dirty in your work area. Place the new applicator sponge inside of this container while it’s still dry.

Step 3. Next, gently pour a small amount of the grease into this applicator sponge and squeeze it to make sure that there is enough on both sides. The more you use, the longer your chair will stay lubricated for so only apply how much you think you need at first.

Step 4. Finally, take your wet brush and start by scrubbing the applicator sponge on your chair. Continue scrubbing until you feel a slippery residue start to form and then stop right away so it doesn’t get too greasy.

Step 5. Once again, take your dry rag or towel and wipe off any excess grease from the arms of the recliner chair that might have been transferred over while applying.


Why Should I Grease My Recliner?

Greasing your recliner chair can help to extend how long it will last and how smoothly the leather or fabric covering moves. It also ensures that when you sit down, your chair moves how you want it to.

Greasing a recliner is not something that most people think about on a regular basis and for good reason as we don’t usually realize how much our chairs are moving until there’s an issue with them.

Luckily greasing the cushions can help extend how long it will last and how smoothly the leather or fabric covering moves. It also ensures that when you sit down, your chair moves how you want it to.


Things to Keep in Mind While Greasing A Leather Recliner

The next time you think about how much grease can actually do for a piece of furniture such as your recliner, hopefully, this article has given some insight into how greasing it on a regular basis can ensure that the leather or fabric covering moves how you want it to.


How to Vacuum Greased Recliner Chair

Step 1. Vacuum the area of your chair that has been greased with a vacuum cleaner. This will get rid of any excess grease and dirt in the creases and cracks of the recliner’s cushions.

Step 2. Put on gloves before you start to clean up as this can be messy, especially if there are already crumbs and food particles on the floor.

Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe away any visible dirt and residue from the chair’s fabric.

You can use dish soap if you want to clean up more thoroughly, but this is optional. For an extra big mess, simply mix equal parts of hot water and white vinegar in your bucket before spraying your chair with the mixture.

Step 3. Use a scrub brush or toothbrush to remove any residue in those hidden areas that are difficult to reach and then rinse it off thoroughly before you hang up your clothes, paper towels, brushes, etc.

Leave the area how you found it when you’re done cleaning as this will prevent attracting dirt and debris. Use a rag or sponge that is soaked in non-detergent soap and water to scrub the surface of your chair, starting from the top down.

If there are any dried food stains on your chair’s fabric you may also want to use some grease cutter – this can be found at most local hardware stores. Rinse the chair thoroughly and allow it to dry.


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