7 DIY Burlap Curtain Tutorial

Do you want to make your house look more rustic and country but don’t know how? This DIY burlap curtain tutorial will show you how to sew burlap curtains. You won’t need any sewing skills for this project, just some time! Let’s get started making your new curtain panels today.


Burlap Curtain Tutorial

Steps on Making Burlap Curtains

Step One: Measure the width of your window.

Step Two: Cut two pieces of burlap, one for each panel that is double the width you measured in Step One and long enough to hang over the side of your window ledge by six inches on either end. For example, if your measurement is 27 inches wide then you will cut two panels that are 54 inches wide.

Step Three: Fold the shorter panel in half and then open it up so you can see how much of a hem your burlap will need to be. Hem one side of the long folded edge with at least four stitches (you can use a sewing machine if you have one). Repeat Step Two and Step Three on the other side of the panel.

Step Four: Lay one long, folded edge down and then lay the two new panels right-side-up next to it with their short ends touching so that you can see how much length they need to be cut off for them all to hang over the window ledge by six inches apiece on either end.

Step Five: Mark how much of the new panels need to be cut off with a pen or marker and then use your scissors (or another cutting device) to trim them down.

The shorter panel is now ready for hanging, but you’ll also want to repeat Steps Two through Four on the other side so that you have two panels that hang over the window.

Step Six: Use a ladder to hold up one side of the curtain and then use the screws or nails (depending on which you decided) to place your rod in between both sides, as well as at each end. If needed, use a leveler tool across all three points to make sure that the rod is level.

Step Seven: Repeat Step Six on both sides of the window to hang up your curtains and then enjoy!


What are Burlap Curtains?

Burlap curtains are a type of window curtain that is made with the natural material, burlap. It can be used in many different types of decorating styles and because it’s lightweight and easy to work with, they make for an inexpensive option when compared to other materials like cotton or lace curtains.


How to care for Burlap Curtains?

Burlap curtains can be washed in a washing machine as long as they are on the delicate cycle. Hang them up to air-dry or use a clothesline to dry them.


How to Install Burlap Curtain Rods?

Step One: Measure the width of your window and then purchase curtain rods that are about four inches shorter than this measurement, for there to be room on either side.

Step Two: Take two pieces of wood (thin enough to fit inside the window frame) and place them on either side of your window.

Step Three: Place a level across the top of both pieces to make sure they are straight, then nail or screw into place with screws for wood or nails for metal.

Step Four: Screw hooks in at about 18 inches apart from each other along the top of the wood.
Step Six: Place curtain rod on these hooks and then hang your curtains over it, adding a decorative trim to finish them off!


How to Wash Burlap Curtains?

It’s always a good idea to wash your curtains, no matter what kind of material they’re made from. You can use cool water and mild soap for this task. Be sure not to over-wet the fabric or you’ll risk shrinking it in length as well as width!

Step One: Put one end of the curtain inside your washing machine, and close the door.

Step Two: Set your washing machine to the gentle or delicate cycle.

Step Three: Add a quarter cup bleach and one tablespoon rug shampoo for every four cups of water you use in this process.

Step Four: Turn on the washing machine so it can do its job! In the meantime, choose how you want to hang your curtains and get the necessary hardware ready.

Step Five: Once the washing machine has stopped, remove your curtains and hang them up!


Can I Iron My Burlap Curtain?

It is not recommended to iron your burlap curtain. Instead, you can spot clean any soiled spots with a damp cloth and dab dry to prevent water rings.

If you have time for it, hang the curtains outside in full sun or on top of an indoor heating vent during mildly cold days over the weekend as this will help dry them faster.


Should you dye Burlap Curtain?

No, burlap is naturally a cream color. The only exception to this rule is if you want the curtains to be brown or black for them to better match your decor.


How much is Burlap Curtain?

The cost of a burlap curtain will vary depending on the size and quality. For example, if you purchase an unfinished panel at your local craft store it might be as inexpensive as $25 for one fabric panel or up to several hundred dollars per yard in bulk quantities.