4 Unique Tips on How to Make Bead Curtains

One fantastic thing about bead curtains is the artistry beauty it adds to your apartments or home. Bead curtains mean cutting out beads and inserting the beads in a string that you tie to the curtain rod.

Before making a bead curtain, make sure your curtain rod and strings are strong – as beaded curtains can get heavy when hanged.

How to make bead curtains

Bead curtains are expensive to purchase but are very easy to make. Discussed below is a step-by-step approach on how to make bead curtains; make sure you read to the end for you to understand the simple approach involved in the whole process.

Easy Steps on How to Make Bead Curtains

For you to get an idea of how many beads needed for your project, note the following

  • Measure the opening (door/window) dimension, where you will hang the curtain on, knowing how large or extensive your bead curtain needs to be.
  • Get a measuring tape for the measurement.
  • Get a solid string to be used in tying the beads
  • Get a strong rod – preferably wood, as the beaded curtain can get heavy when hanged.
  • Buy a bead in different sizes, shapes, and colors to add more artistry beauty to your apartment.

You can choose from what materials the bead is and, amazingly, get a customized type.

Step #1: Measure the Window/Door you Plan on Putting the Curtain on

This step involves the measurement of the length of the window. Use your measuring tape to measure the two lengths of the window or door. The measurement is essential to give you an idea of the number of beads you will use.

Add about 6-12 inches to the length you measured. The reason for this is to extend the rod past the window or door.

If you’d like your beaded curtain to be inside the window/door, measure within the window frames (inside the frame of the window), from top to bottom, and from the right end to the left end.

Make sure you don’t add any extra measurement as it is within the frames of the window/door.

Step #2: Cut out a Wooden rod With a large Diameter, According to the Measurement Taken

The use of solid and sturdy wood – like oak, is always advised. Because these beaded curtains get heavy after tying to the string, avoid using tension rods, as they won’t be strong enough.

Note; you can provide the wooden rod yourself with a saw; better still, walk into a furniture store and buy. If you have a metal rod that can hold up this bead curtain, make use of it.

 Step #3: Tie the Hooks to the Wooden rod

In this process, attach the hook into the rod by drilling holes into the wooden rod to attach the hooks to the wooden rod firmly. For you to know the number of hooks to be used in this article, how to make bead curtains, it will depend on how wide your window or door is.

The larger the frames of your window, the more hooks you will be needing. If you mount the beaded curtain inside your window/door, then drill the holes into the frame itself.

Step #4: Get Some Beads and Insert Them Into the String

Upon completing this step, the process involved in “how to make bead curtains” is done. Take the beads gotten, and insert them into the string one after the other.

After inserting a particular bead into the string, tie the string’s tip to create a lump on the bead’s head. You do this to avoid uneven arrangement of the beads in the string.

Repeat this process till you get to the top of the string, so after hanging, you will get the desired length you want, from the top of the placed wooden rod towards the ground. Note that if you are using colored string, consider using clear beads for an excellent effect.

After tying the beads to the required number of strings that will be enough, use the string’s head tip to tie to the wooden rod above the frames of the window/door and allow it down. You just learned the easy and simple ways to make bead curtains, and here are additional keywords for you.

How can I Make Bead Curtains?

The steps listed above on how to make bead curtains perfectly answer this question. It is effortless to make if you understand the processes in the steps above.

How Many Beads can I use?

A minimum of 267 bids is required. In general, the number of beads to be used depends on the length and size of your window/door.

Are Bead Curtains Old Style?

You might think that bead curtains are old-fashioned, but the simple answer to this is no!. Because bead curtains play a significant artistry role here by beautifying the environment. Most restaurants, shops use bead curtains, and what does that imply? a sought-after curtain style.

What Type of Rods are Used for Bead Curtains?

The type of rods used for bead curtains is solid and sturdy rods to hold the heavy beads. Most rods used are – metal or wooden rods.


The steps on how to make bead curtains have been extensively explained, and a clear understanding of these steps, teaches you how to make bead curtains yourself.