3 Simple Ways on How to Make Gypsy Curtains!

Curtains are fabrics made to add beauty to your apartments or rooms, keep your privacy, and maintain a décor interior design. You can use this fabric in different apartments or locations like hospitals, schools, offices, personal and formal apartments.

So in this, keeping a look by adding a good color that blends with the environment comes into play. In this article, how to make Gypsy curtains, the main focus will be on personally owned apartments because that’s where it’s artistry looks good and blends more.

How to Make Gypsy Curtains

A quick note on this formal topic of discussion is that it is effortless to make. To know and make this type of curtain, you need to read the following steps and understand them before practicing.

Easy Steps On How To Make Gypsy Curtains

Before considering the steps involved in making gypsy curtains, you need to note the following and make provision for it.

  • Get a curtain rod ready – make sure it is solid and sturdy to hold up the fabrics.
  • Get a different piece of fabrics
  • Get a measuring tape to measure the window frame’s length where the rod will be mounted.
  • Get a hook – as many as you can get.
  • Get a ribbon to tie the fabric/curtain in a pinch or as desired by you.

After getting the above requirements ready, you have solved half the problem of making the gypsy curtain. Now read the following steps that will guide you into making a good and beautiful gypsy curtain to decorate and add more fancy to your interior apartments.

Step #1: Measure the Length of the Window

This step requires you to use your measuring tape and measure the window’s length where you’d want your gypsy curtain hanging from one part of the window frame to the other end.

Add 2-inch to the value gotten. You do this so that the curtain rod will be a bit longer than the window frames to give allowance when you tie the fabrics to the rod. 

Step #2: Tying the Fabric Into a Pinch 

The difficulty faced when it comes to “how to make gypsy curtains” is tying into a pinch. For you to be able to tie into a pinch, hold one hem of the fabric, preferably from the left, and fold it into a V-shape towards the right and pinch.

Fold the hem from the right towards the left and pinch so that the folded hems will meet at the middle, forming a bunch. It sometimes makes a cyclic shape; amazingly, you can make it to your preferred shape.

If you don’t want to sew the pinch permanently, you can tie the bunch with ribbon in a more beautiful way. Repeat this process of pinch pleating the fabrics also as much fabric as you can.

You are using many fabrics because a gypsy curtain requires you to tie many curtain fabrics to the curtain rod. You can use a different color of fabrics that will blend in your decoration, or better still, use the same color of fabric throughout.

Step #3: Hanging the Gypsy Pinch Curtain to the Curtain rod

As earlier explained, you are to use strong rods because the curtain can get heavy as you will be hanging more curtain fabrics to the rod.

This fabric has a light top. Use the light top of the fabric and tie it firmly with the hook. After tying the fabrics to the hook, insert the hook into the rod. 

Note; as you are going to use different materials, so will different hooks be used. Don’t tie all the fabrics to the same hook to avoid falling or cutting out.

You can also tie the fabrics directly to the rod without the hook if you’d want to do so. With these listed steps, the process of “how to make a gypsy curtain” has been explained extensively. A good understanding of it will give you a perfect guide on how to go about it.


How to Tie a Ribbon on Curtains

The process of tying a ribbon on curtains is as simple as ABC. Hold one end of the fabric, and pin at the middle, then hold the remaining end to meet the pinned one at the middle and join to form a bunch(pinch pleat). 

Use your ribbon to tie it around or any way/style you may wish to tie. Or you may decide to hold the material/fabric straight up and tie it with the ribbon.

You can use a colored ribbon to give you an excellent blending with the environment.

How to make Curtains From old Clothes?

The curtain got from this process looks weird as the curtain won’t be looking maintained and polished to give an excellent effect. In general, it is mostly advised not to make curtains from old clothes.

Where can a Gypsy Curtain be Used?

Gypsy curtains can be used primarily on personally owned houses. You use grypsy curtain in interior décor and close to the swimming pool to maintain your privacy.

What is the Duration of Making a Gypsy Curtain?

It takes a little time to make a gypsy curtain. It all depends on how fast you could get the ribbon tied to the fabrics and hang on the rod as discussed in the above steps on the topic “How to make gypsy curtains.”


To understand how to make gypsy curtains, you need to decode the steps listed above in this article. Make sure you read the steps and understand them very well before practicing.