Why Won’t My Heater Light? Read These Amazing Facts!

Why won’t my heater light? This may be due to a lousy thermocouple, a pilot tube issue, a flex tubing issue, or a problematic control valve, and the pilot light goes out. Open the hot water faucet, and there is no hot water that pours into it or, it could trouble you that the pilot light is a little flame that catches fire in the gas burner. You light the water heater pilot again if it goes out, follow the directions on the water heater label, and avoid other issues with the lighting of a pilot light. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


Why wont my heater light

Problems Causing The Water Heater Not To Light

Below are the problems that cause the device not to light correctly.


#1. Primary control valve issue

The issue with the primary control valve causes the pilot light not to go out correctly. Still, the gas control valve is one component that fails with the water heater, while a faulty control valve needs replacement in fixing the issue. That is why you should troubleshoot this problem instead of restoring the water heater supply that brings you back the comfort needed at home.


#2. Flex tubing issue

One more reason why the water heater light does not remain lit is that flex tubing is connected to the gas control, ensuring the gas flows continuously in the burner system and the pilot light. The tubing sometimes becomes worn, twisted, and degraded, avoiding gas flow. Twisted tubing demands that you straighten the tube to fix the required new tubing installation and hire a plumber to help you install new tubing in the gas water heater.


#3. Dirty pilot tube issue

Another potential cause of a water heater light failing is a dirty pilot tube that oil, dirt, and carbon accumulate and block the gas flow in the pilot light and burner system. Fix this immediately as straightforwardly and wait for several minutes to cool correctly after turning the gas off, and use a thin piece and needle to remove the dirt in the tube. After that, scrape the interior surfaces of the line clean and leave any massive objects that can obstruct the pipe. Next, turn everything on after you clean it correctly and observe if the water heater’s light that fails to ignite requires repeating the process until you wash everything thoroughly and clean it by yourself or contact an expert plumber to solve this.


#4. Bad thermocouple

A pilot light that does not light again is due to a poor thermocouple: the thermocouple is a fundamental part of gas-heating appliances, as the pilot light that goes out follows the gas release in the environment of the water heater. This creates a harmful explosion risk, including a health hazard that; you avoid by using a safe circuit that detects if the pilot light still burns.

The pilot gas valve stays open while the thermocouple remains hot after the pilot light is lit up properly, and the pilot light that goes out fails the thermocouple temperature and causes a drop in the thermocouple’s voltage. In this case, the valve also closes, while a faulty thermocouple causes the gas valve not to open as this prevents the pilot light from lighting up properly, as this also demands the help of an expert plumber to fix the issue.


#5. Spark electrode

Some of the water heaters utilize spark electrodes in the light of the pilot flame, as the high-voltage and intermittent sparks occur from the spark electrode that lights the pilot. A spark that does not happen is because of defective material, which deserves some replacement in this case. 


#6. The issue with the pressure switch

Proper airflow occurs after the pressure switch already closes, which signals the control board as it continues ignition, but a defective pressure switch results in a stalled ignition process and a water heater, not lighting.


#7. Issue with the ignite

Other water heaters use igniter in gas ignition; the moment it fails, the burner does not also light up properly, and see if the igniter gets enough voltage. The igniter that gets voltage does not glow, but it means that the igniter is poor and defective and needs replacement. You may also be interested to know about the ceramic space heater.


Fixes The Moment The Water Heater Does Not Light Up Properly

Below are the fixes when you ask yourself this question, “why won’t water heater light?”


  • Please read the instructions and how you will best maintain it, and light the pilot.
  • More advanced and newer models use a hot surface igniter or piezoelectric spark that is more reliable and durable.
  • Call an expert plumber to repair the water heater light not to complicate things, as this is true if you have no skills or tools to fix it and need assistance.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the answers to why won’t heater light? Check the device as to why it is not working correctly and follow the mentioned fixes to get it back from lighting up adequately, not to worry if it does not light again. You may want to read related articles; know why won’t my heater turn on and how to warm up a room without a heater.

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