Why Is Samsung Dryer Not Turning On? 3 Surprising Reasons!

Are you worried about why is Samsung dryer not turning on? The problem occurs when the child lock is on, when the motor is burnt, the rollers are flawed, the broken idler pulley, and a damaged engine. 

Any household would find a Samsung dryer stopped to be a misery. So much clothing needs to be dried, and the dryer isn’t up to the task. While trying to repair something, it is vital to determine what is incorrect.

why is Samsung dryer not turning on

Samsung dryers combine the most outstanding features of all universe. Such appliances not just meet your clothing demands with their gorgeous appearances, but they also include a variety of drying capabilities that go well with every Samsung dryer. And don’t you worry, my dear. I’m trying to inform you about the minor issues and resolve them. Let’s have a deep look at why is Samsung dryer is not turning on.


Reasons Why Your Samsung Dryer Not Turning On

Stop thinking more about why is Samsung dryer not turning on. It’s a simple task to fix the dryer that is not working by understanding this article. Below we have mentioned all the possible causes of this problem and also troubleshoots to fix this issue. 


#1. Check the child lock

However, if your Samsung dryer isn’t running, the thermostat and other functions are operating correctly, you probably had the kid lock option turned on. You could also notice that your Samsung washer glows but can’t just turn it on.

Child lock is a security precaution that stops youngsters from messing with laundry cycles by locking the Power button on the machine. The problem is child lock when you’re looking to instigate a process but getting nowhere! Check for a symbol resembling a baby or a lock towards the front of the control panel; it should probably show “ON” printed adjacent to that if it was active or “OFF” when it is not. This sign may take the form of a smiling face depending on the type of equipment you have.

The child lock button may be turned off in two different ways. The first method involves pushing and squeezing buttons of the control panel for about 3-five seconds or unplugging this for 1 minute before re-plugging it. If you can’t get the dryer to switch off, consult your customer handbook for guidance and disconnect the cord from the power outlet before attempting again.


#2. Damaged drum bearing

Remember the moment when you took a look at the inside of  the drum of your dryer? Many of its components may be burnt out and replaced. 

It should not turn if indeed the bearings deteriorated throughout the period. Try to unscrew either side or opening (based on how intricate the machine is), then start giving this an original twirl using nothing except your arms to test on all these bearings without bothering to disassemble it whole.

It might have a defective bearing if turning the drum generates an odd scraping or squealing noise. If you prefer to repair it manually, start opening the casing and change the worn-out bearings. However, if you don’t need to, simply get a specialist to do the job since it’s complicated. Once you have replaced the worn-out drum bearing, start connecting your dryer with a wall socket and then begin an empty cycle on your dryer to see whether the dryer is turning on. A fresh bearing on the drum help it to turn smoothly and hence keep your dryer in good working condition


#3. Broken drum glider

One of the most fundamental reasons if the dryer is not turning on is the problem with your drum glider. You’ve heard it before. A dryer during its final days makes an unmistakable sound. Whatever you attempt to mend it, it just never stops rattling, banging, or scraping, and your garments may finish up having tiny sweat since the drum isn’t rotating correctly!

It’s not always the equipment that you must replace; it is often only a few worn-out pieces that you must return to have your home again online. Glides are one such component, typically constructed of silicone or rubber materials for their longevity in harsh settings such as within the dryer, where temperature and other items have pressed one another simultaneously!

Whenever these gliding components gradually wear out because of the extensive use of the dryer, there comes a time when your Samsung dryer does not turn on and produces a lot of different noises. Therefore, instead of repairing the drum glider, it is better to replace it with a new Samsung drum glider for the proper working of your dryer. Here’s why dryer make a noise when tumbling.


It’s A Wrap!

From this article, you will learn why is Samsung dryer not turning on? Well, we were hoping that you dodgers this article just in one go. Above, we have mentioned the three main reasons: child lock, drum glider, and drum bearing. Any problem in these components causes the Samsung dryer not to turn on. Thank you, friends, for being with us, don’t forget to share it with your friends, if you like this article. It’s best to also know about how to fix a dryer that wont spin and Samsung washing machines

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