Why Does My LG Dryer Stop After Few Minutes? 4 Surprising Reasons!

Are you thinking about why does my LG dryer stop after few minutes? A damaged or malfunctioning drive belt, defective moisture sensor, faulty door latch, overheating dryer motor, and blocked dryer vent is typical for a dryer switching off after a few minutes. 

You’re undoubtedly really annoyed if your clothes dryer shuts out after only a few minutes after starting the regular cycle. You want dry clothing, but you can’t imagine having to hang them outdoors where your neighbors can see your whole underwear collection!

why does my LG dryer stop after few minutes

The incredible thing is that we’ve identified a few possible explanations for why your LG dryer shut down just after a few minutes, as well as how you might resolve the issue. Continue reading if you want to discover further. Let’s start!


LG Dryer Stop After Few Minutes-Reasons

Shutting down the dryer after the cycle is a frustrating thing. But don’t panic and stop worrying about why your LG dryer stops after a few minutes. Below we have mentioned a few common reasons that help you out from this problem. So, why does my LG dryer stop after few minutes?


#1. Faulty door latch

The door latch may start to break down over time due to the door being opened and closed just too many times during its lifespan, which may cause it to spread throughout the drying process. The dryer will stop suddenly as soon as this occurs. The solution is simple if this occurs. Everything you must do is as follows. To begin, keep in mind the dryer is turned off. To disassemble the door, remove the screws and latches. To unscrew the door lock, grab a pair of pliers. You may now reassemble all of it and put in a new latch. Check whether the dryer is operating correctly by plugging it in and seeing if it shuts down after a few minutes.


#2. Defective moisture sensor

The moisture sensor is a part of the LG dryer used to keep track of the moisture content within. The dryer’s control board receives a signal from this sensor. To establish whether the LG dryer’s moisture sensor is malfunctioning and, if so, replace it, you must first disconnect it and remove it from the wall. Unplug the electrical connections from the main power board by pulling the top panel. The control panel is held in place by screws, released before removing the control board. To assist, dislodge the locking tab on the dryer’s front panel. 

Remove the panel by unscrewing the screws, disconnecting the electrical cable from the doorway, and removing the panel.

Uninstall the wiring harness, lint screen, and mounting plate attached to the moisture sensor. Disconnect the grill and the lint filter guide from the dryer by unscrewing the screws. A new device must now be able to install. After you’ve fitted the moisture sensor, you may reassemble the dryer. After you’ve completed it, connect your machine again and check to see whether the issue has been resolved. If not, go on to the next problem and solution option.


#3. Overheating of LG dryer motor

The dryer motor will start to become hotter as it wears out. This could potentially overheat to the point that the fuse box trips to avoid burning from igniting. The motor may restart after it has cooled. 

Keeping using the dryer with such a broken motor, on the other hand, would simply worsen the situation. It’s time for a new dryer motor. Allowing the dryer to cool entirely for around ten minutes just after the machine has stopped working after just a few minutes of running is one technique to see whether the dryer motor issues. In addition, before the motor breaks, it will frequently generate a beeping sound. Disconnect the dryer’s electricity and move it away from a wall to make room for the new motor. The top panel, the lint filter, and the access panel should all be removed. Remove the door switch’s cables, the idler pulley’s belt, and the pulley itself.

Lastly, you need to detach the drum from the case to access the dryer motor (the belt can be left on the drum). Unplug the dryer motor’s wire, taking care to where it connects to the engine. Ensure the blower wheel is turned off. You will now be likely to access the old motor and replace it with a new unit.  Check whether your issue has been rectified after the LG dryer has been reassembled. 


#4. Clogged dryer vent

A blocked vent tube might cause the LG dryer to overheat, causing it to shut down. Go for the vent tube’s exit point, which is usually located outside the house and is protected by an angled plastic screen. Disconnect the screen using a screwdriver, then use a long extensible brush developed particularly for dryer vents to clean anything inside the tube. After connecting the filter screen to your LG dryer, run a drying cycle on your dryer to see if it works properly. Here are the ways to clear a clogged waste pipe


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that you all will learn why does my LG dryer stop after few minutes from this article. We were happy that one of the solutions above addresses your issue, and you no longer have to struggle with an LG dryer that shuts out after just a few moments of use. If it didn’t, though, you must seek expert advice to determine the source of the issue. Thank you, friend, for being with us!

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