Which Baby Whisperer Book Is Best? A Guide

Which baby whisperer book is best? When you want to know what other parents think about a book, it is best to check out the reviews on Amazon.

This way you can see which baby whisperer book is best for your parenting style and your baby’s temperament.

Which Baby Whisperer Book Is Best

Here are some of the highest-rated books that have had great success with many babies:

The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley – If you have tried everything else and nothing has worked, this may be the answer!

It offers an alternative approach to sleep training; helping parents put their babies down awake but drowsy so they learn how to fall asleep themselves instead of being rocked or nursed every time they wake up (which makes them dependent). The author calls it the “gentle sleep method” and it has worked for a lot of families.

One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus – This mystery book is perfect for older kids (teens) who are ready to read on their own. It is about five high school students who get sent to detention together and one of them winds up dead.

The story is told through the eyes of four of the remaining students as they try to figure out what happened, all while keeping secrets from each other.

The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls by Valorie Schaefer – If you have a daughter, this book is a must-read! It covers everything from hair care to periods to body image issues.

It will help your little girl feel less scared about growing up and more confident in her changing body!

The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls, Revised Edition by Valorie Schaefer – This is the revised edition of the book listed above with updated information on puberty, nutrition and exercise as well as health concerns such as eating disorders or depression. It also includes new quizzes to make it even more fun!

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles – This novel was inspired by real events from Russian history; a man sentenced to house arrest must find ways of making his life meaningful while he waits out 20 years inside one hotel room (with only two visits allowed per year).

He starts writing books but they never get published until after he passes away at age 95.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull – This is the first book in a series about two children who find themselves living with their grandparents on an estate that seems normal but isn’t anything like what it appears to be!

The kids discover magical creatures hidden all around them, including fairies and unicorns. I mean what more could you ask for!? It was made into a movie too so check out both versions if you want even more fantasy fun.

The Giver by Lois Lowry – This classic young adult novel tells the story of Jonas as he experiences his 12th birthday which marks him as an adult ready to receive memories from previous generations (called “Receiving”).

The memories are both good and bad, which makes Jonas question everything he has ever known about his society that seems perfect on the surface but isn’t so great under all that perfection.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks – This book is a zombie apocalypse novel told from multiple perspectives. It follows survivors who live through different parts of Earth after a pandemic turns most people into zombies or “Zekes” as they call them in this story!

You can also watch the movie adaptation with Brad Pitt if you want to see how it compares (and maybe even prefer watching over reading).

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger – Published in 1951, this coming-of-age novel follows Holden Caulfield after he is kicked out of boarding school and runs away from home.

He spends a few days wandering around New York City before ending up at an institution for the mentally unstable (which may not be much better than where he was before). The novel covers topics such as loss, angst and the search for identity.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians by Rick Riordan – Percy is a demigod who discovers his true identity when he is kicked out of school and learns that his father is Poseidon, god of the sea.

He then goes on a journey with other young demigods to save Olympus from destruction at the hands of evil monsters. This book series (and movie adaptations) are perfect for anyone who loves Greek mythology!


What should a baby book include?

When you’re planning to create a baby book, you may be wondering what should go into it. After all, this is going to be a keepsake that your child will appreciate for years to come!

Here are some ideas of what to include in your baby book:

-A family tree, starting with the parents and including siblings and extended family members.

-The date of the child’s birth and weight at birth.

-Details about the pregnancy, such as symptoms or scans.

-The delivery story, includes who was present and what went on during labor.

-Photos from throughout the child’s life, from newborn stage up until the present day. Try to get a mix of posed and candid shots.

-A handwritten journal from the parents, detailing their thoughts and feelings about raising their child.

-Notes from family and friends, congratulating the new parents or sending well wishes to the child.

-Quotes or poems that are special to the parents and/or child.

-Favorite recipes, songs, books, etc. that have been shared with the child over the years.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can include in a baby book! Be creative and personalize it as much as possible to make it truly special. As your child grows older, they will appreciate being able to look back on all of the amazing memories captured within its pages.

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