Where To Find Whirlpool Washer Model Number? 4 Best Reasons To Know This!

Does your Whirlpool washer need a part replacement so you want to know where to find Whirlpool washer model number? You will know as you read this article; I’m sure you can find the Whirlpool washer model number and its serial number as well. Also, you will know the importance of understanding the product’s serial numbers and its model number.

Different appliances have their market names or brand names, but as you can see, the name alone couldn’t help you identify the appliance’s model.

where to find Whirlpool washer model number

Suppose your machine needs replacement parts, and you don’t know the appliance’s model number? Then, it can be hard for you to find the correct part for it. There are a wide variety of washer models in a company. There are top load washers, front load washers, staked laundry, and all in one washer in the Whirlpool alone. So, it will be easier if you know the model of the appliance. As the part from each washer has different sizes and codes, which is very significant.


Importance Of The Model Number

Knowing the importance of appliance serial number is something you should learn, especially if you plan to buy new machines or has an existing appliance in a home or office. Knowing these numbers are as important as taking care of your devices. In no time, your device may need replacement repairs on its parts, or you need to troubleshoot, look for correct accessories online or check if it is certified or has passed through the standards. I have listed down all the possible events you may encounter or face right now, proving that knowing your washer’s model is essential, like serial numbers and others.


#1. Replacement parts

As I’ve mentioned earlier about the replacements, there were plenty of washers in this brand alone. And various brands may have similar parts to your washer, the fact that it isn’t from the appliance manufacturer, it may not last long or can’t be attached tightly to the spot. The model of the washer will define the sizes and compatible parts of this machine. It will help you buy the correct details and prevent you from purchasing incorrect ones.


#2. Manual guides

If you misplaced your manual guide and maybe, out of the blue-you have forgotten where you kept your manual booklet or paper, and you need it for the troubleshooting. Well, that’s terrible, but nowadays, you can check the appliance’s manual through the manufacturer’s website. You can go directly to their search engine and enter the appliance model number. It will be scanned through their products and look for search for the downloadable guides. From there, you can read the manual online or perhaps, download and print it right away. That’ll be a great shortcut than searching for the possible area that your manual guide hides. It may be helpful to read about what does F28 means on Whirlpool washer.


#3. Washer accessories

Suppose you want to buy a washer’s accessory online aside from the manufacturer’s website. In this case, you need to identify the product’s model number as there are many sizes for washers, and you might hesitate on the measurements. This way, you will be comfortable searching for your washer’s accessories and make sure that the accessory for your washer will arrive at your doorstep are correct.


#4. Certified appliance

Before purchasing any device, search for a certification tag or label. Both model numbers and serial help you recognize the parts and accessories you can use for this machine and help you identify genuine or certified. Certified appliances are safer to use and have passed through a quality check. 


Locations Of The Whirlpool Model Number

So, where to find Whirlpool washer model number? Each appliance manufacturer has its way of attaching its model and serial numbers, which differs from others. Commonly, the product model and serial numbers labels are stuck nearby, but others are on both sides. You can spot it in the control panel’s back, or inside the lid of the washer, under the covers, sometimes, or at the left-hand corner.

In other words, every brand or machine-like washer, model, and serial number does not exist in the same spot. For example, the location of serial and model numbers of Samsung and Maytag washers, if we compare the label locations in these two brands, it is not the same.

For the Samsung washer, the label of serial and model number is inside the drum. Meanwhile, as for washers from the Maytag, the labels are placed in different locations. Other Maytag washers have these numbers at the washer’s back or in the control panel. Aside from this, some individuals said they also noticed the washer’s lid, bottom frame, and underneath. But, as for washers for Whirlpool, it is located on the inside rim. The label is stuck well and cannot peel off quickly. 


What Is A Model Number?

Appliance model number quickly detects what kind of model you have at home. All model numbers are combinations of numbers or digits, characters, brand, design, manufacturer, and appliance performance but differ depending on the brand. If your label was peeled off or damaged and you cannot identify the written digits or characters, you can check your receipt. Most store appliances now write down the numbers to the receipt upon purchase. Now, it’s time to find your model serial number.


It’s A Wrap!

In the article, I have discussed the importance of the washer’s model number and where to find Whirlpool washer model number. If you plan to purchase any washers in an appliance store, you must look for the machine’s label. It will help you recognize what kind of machine it is and its capabilities.  how much is Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer and where to buy lid switch for a Whirlpool washer.

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